GPIT converts 100s’ of physical server into cloud

From inception of Grameenphone, managing number of server and IT infrastructure was a challenge. While each server is connected to multiple divisional network and storage node, it became a time consuming job as the number keep on growing each year. The project “White Cloud” which was initiated on January 2011 undergo a long list of applications and servers and their compatibility issues with the cloud services. The scope of the project make it very unique and challenging, because it not only

Moving towards green datacenter, GPIT incorporates highly scalable cloud infrastructure to reduce server and network footprint while maximizing high availability for the IT infrastructure.

considered physical host to the cloud environment but also considered a virtual networking methodology so that upcoming applications can also be incorporated on the same infrastructure. This is one of very few private cloud implementation in South Asia region and pioneering in Bangladesh. The Future of Infrastructure services lies in cloud, and GPIT has a pool of resources who are capable of envisioning the cloud dilemma and fulfill the business need for an enterprise.

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