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School Name Subject Class/Semester Standard Of Competence

: MA NU TBS KUDUS : ENGLISH : XI C / 1 : Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks fungsional pendek dan monolog yang berbentuk report, narrative dan analytical exposition dalam konteks kehidupan sehari-hari.

The Basic Competence

: Mengungkapkan makna dalam teks monolog/esei yang menggunakan ragam bahasa tulis secara akurat, lancar dan berterima dalam teks berbentuk: report, narrative dan analytical exposition

Material Theme Skill Time Allocation A. INDICATORS

: Report : Genre : Writing : 2 X 45 minutes

a. identify the dialogue in active and passive form b. understand the passive voice c. Producing written monologue text in the form passive voice

B. TEACHING OBJECTIVES C. The students can identify the dialogue in active and passive form D. The students are able to understand the passive voice E. Producing written monologue text in the form passive voice Character Of The Students That Expected:

Trustworthiness respect diligence responsibility courage

B. MATERIAL Report and Passive voice

Grammar Translation Method, Communicative Approach, Total Physical Response,

Writing Process Approach Discussion

D. TEACHING PROCEDURES Pre Activity (5 minutes)

1. Greeting and checking attendance

2. Giving motivation and apperception of the study that will be discussed. While Activity (80 minutes) a. Exploration - The teacher ask about the task that already given in previous meeting - The teacher asked the students something that related with the material - The teacher gives the students some topic - The teacher ask the students opinion about the topic - The students has opportunity to ask if they did not know about the text. b. Elaboration

- The teacher review the material about report text

- The teacher explain how to write text report - The teacher give more tips on writing an information report. - The teacher explain about passive voice

- The teacher give some example about passive voice - The teacher give some exersize to the students c. Confirmation - Checking the students learning progress - Students has another chance to ask questions that related with material
- The teacher give the correct answer.

Post Activity (5 minutes) - The teacher make a summary about the lesson Giving motivation and the preview of the next meeting. Closing and leave the class


Access to English competence for XI grade Worksheet F. SCORING



: Process Result


: Giving assignment

Material Passive voice is used when the focus is on the action. It is not important or not important or not known, however, who or what is performing the action. Example :

Active : We fertilize the soil every 6 months Passive: The soil is fertilized by us every 6 months Subject + be + Verb3 + by + Object + modifier

To be that use A. Present : is, am, are Past : was, were Perfect : been (di depan have, has, atau had) Future : be (setelah modals) Continuous : being (in front of 7 to be above) Simple present tense

Example :

Active : He meets them everyday. Passive : They are met by him everyday.

B. simple past tense Example : Active : He met them yesterday Passive : They were met by him yesterday C. present perfect tense

Example : Active : He has met them Passive : They have been met by him D. past perfect tense,

Example : Active : He had met them before I came. Passive : They had been met by him before I came. E. simple future tense,

Example :

Active : He will meet them tomorrow. Passive : They will be met by him tomorrow. Exercise



: She waters this plant every two days.

Passive :


: She watered this plant this morning

Passive :


: She has watered this plant for 5 minutes.

Passive :.


: She had watered this plant for 5 minutes when I got here

Passive :


: She will water this plant this afternoon.

Passive : Active : The farmers are going to harvest the crops next week

Passive :

a. Scoring rubric No. 1. Item Answer and grammatically correct Correct answer, not good enough in grammatically Answer and grammatically not good enough No answer Score 3 2 1 0

b. Keys : Attached c. Scoring guide 1. 2.


For No. 1 every correct answer has score 3 for No. II, every correct answer has score 2 Maximum score 6 x 3 = 18 Jumlah 18 Maximum score 10 Obtained score Students score = Maximum score X 10


Kudus, October 26 2011 Teacher English Students Practice

Rismianto SS, M. Pd..

Hasan Muarif (2008 32 091)

Acknowledged by Teacher Guide

Komari, S.Pd. NIP.197612042008011009 The Keys: 1. This plant is watered by her every two days.

2. This plant was watered by her this morning 3. This plant has been watered by her for 5 minutes.
4. This plant had been watered by her for 5 minutes when I got here 5. This plant will be watered by her this afternoon. 6. The crops are going to be harvested by the farmers next week.