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Questions for Discussion Manpower Planning 1. Although nothing can be done about the past performance,perhaps even about the present performance can certainly be made excellent as the organisation desires, provided proper care is taken today to plan for the quantity and quality of tomorrows manpower. 2. In ten years hence it will be people to fit in jobs rather than designing Jobs to accommodate individuals Explain. 3. a. What is manpower planning ? b. What are the objectives and benefits of human resources planning? 4. a. What factors do you consider while forecasting manpower needs of an organization? b. Explain the role of HR in global manpower planning. 5. Write short notes : a. Manpower Budget b. Management By Objectives (MBO) c. Personnel Turnover d. Balanced Score Card e. Span of Control 6) How do you draw-up an action plan to the manpower plan for a newly established firm ?

1. Explain the need, objective and concept of HRD Audit. 2. Why do most of the Companies insist on HRD Audit? 3. The main objective of HRD Audit is to align the HR function (structure, system and processes) with business goals and to create a business-driven HR function. Elucidate. 4. Best HR practices contribute to the effectiveness, continuity and stability of the organization. Give your viewpoints. 5. Write short notes on : a. HR Score Card b. Role of line managers in HRD Audit c. HRD Audit Questionnaires d. HRD Audit Report