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Fever 1793 Ch 9 and 10

Fever 1793 Ch 9 and 10

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Fever 1793-Discussion Preparation
Chapters 9 and 10 1. When Mother got sick, other things started to go wrong for Mattie. What were they? (p 63)

2. The Doctor (Dr. Rowley) made a misdiagnosis. What was it? (p64) 3. Why do you think Dr. Rowley said that Mother didn’t have yellow fever?

4. How does Mattie react to her Mother falling ill?

5. How would you feel if you were Mattie?

6. In what way was Mother still concerned for the safety of her daughter? (p 69)

7. In the beginning of chapter 10, Dr. Kerr criticizes Dr. Rowley. What for?

8. What cure does Dr. Kerr offer for Mother? (p 71-72)

9. What other advice does Dr. Kerr give on page 73?

10. What does Mattie receive on page 75? 11. Why do you think Mattie says in the last sentence of the chapter, “And so I left home, in a manner quite unpredicted”?

Vocabulary: Myrrh (p 66)

Jalap (p72)

Calomel (p72)

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