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anticipation guide-Monster

anticipation guide-Monster

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Published by: notesonliteracy on Oct 31, 2011
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MONSTER - By Walter Dean Myers Anticipation Questions Take 10 minutes to answer “agree” or “disagree” to the following statements: 1) If you

are charged with a crime, you are probably guilty. 2) If you feel remorse about what you have done, you should get a second chance. 3) Sometimes your friends have more influence over you than your family. 4) People under 18 should sometimes be treated like adults in court. 5) You can only be found guilty of a crime if you actually committed the crime. 6) The US criminal justice system is fair. 7) The truth will always come out. 8) A novel is always written in a certain format. 9) The narrator will always tell the truth in a novel. 10) A good author will make sure that all of the reader’s questions are answered by the end of the novel.

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