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รวมโจทย์ภาษาอังกฤษ, English Exercise

รวมโจทย์ภาษาอังกฤษ, English Exercise

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1. You ought ________ of that before you went away. a. to have thought b. to think c. have thought 2.

Fancy ________ it after all these years. a. remember b. remembering c. remembrance

d. think d. to remember d. which d. differentiate d. helped

3. We have found a man ________ we think will be able to do the job. a. whom b. whose c. who 4. He certainty treats her ________ from the rest of us. a. different b. differently c. difference 5. The Peace Corps _______ a lot of people, doesn’t it? a. helps b. help c. helping 6. He was ________ Paris ________. a. in..in two weeks c. in..two weeks ago. 7. I feel like________ a. go for a walk b. to go for a walk

b. at..two weeks ago d. in.. for the last two days. c. gone for a walk c. comfortable c. what I was doing c. would begin d. going for a walk d. comfortably d. I was doing what

8. Make yourself ________ a. comfort b. comforted 9. She asked me ________ when she called. a. what was I doing b. what I did 10. When we arrived, the show ________ a. had already begun b. began 11. It’s an easy passage ________ a. we read it c. for us to read 12. His mother wants ________ a. him be a doctor c. him to will be a doctor

d. would have begun

b. reading and writing d. that we have read it b. him to be a doctor d. he to be a doctor

13. “She talked a lot about the technique of horsemanship” “But she had never ridden ________ in ________ life.” a. one.. her b. horse.. blank c. a horse.. her

d. horse..her

14. The number of students who now ________ at universities throughout our country ________ very large. a. study – are b. studies - are c. study - is d. studies – is 15. Computers are ________ to assist ________ the problems of science. a. used widely – to solve b. used widely – in solving c. widely used – to solve d. widely used – in solving

16. “________ quiet?” “Oh, I am sorry.” a. Would you please keeping c. Would you mind keeping 17. “I certainly ________ good books.” “I know you ________.” a. enjoy reading – enjoy c. enjoy to read – do 18. “I want something ________” “Here’s a pencil.” a. to write on b. for writing 19. “It’s ________.” “Yes, I feel like taking a walk.” a. such beautiful day c. so beautiful day

b. Would you mind to keep d. Do you please keep

b. enjoy reading – read d. enjoy reading – do

c. to write with

d. to write

b. such beautiful a day d. such a beautiful day

20. “Do you know which book is mine?” “No, but I know________” a. which one mine is b. which one is mine c. which is yours 21. “Do you like to eat durian?” “Yes, I do. I think it ________.” a. tastes delicious b. tastes deliciously

d. which one yours is

c. taste delicious

d. is tasting deliciously

22. Any modern novelist would be thrilled to have his stories compared with ________. a. Dickens b. that of Dickens c. those of Dickens d. the Dickens 23. “My son has passed the University Entrance Exams.” “Congratulations! He’s now ________.” a. a student university b. university student c. a student’s university d. a university student 24. “Tell me what happened.” “When she heard her secret ________ in public, she was so ________ that she could not speak.” a. telling – stunned b. tells – stunning c. told – stunned d. tell – stunning 25. Most students go to the movies only ________ , ________ on Saturdays or Sundays. a. occasional – usual b. occasionally – usual c. occasionally – usually d. occasional – usually 26. Twenty percent of the homes in Bangkok ________. a. has a television set b. have television sets c. have televisions sets d. has television sets 27. Her mother will give her a ________. a. new black leather bag b. new bag black leather

c. leather new black bag

d. leather black new bag

28. “Are you going to the movies at 9.00 o’clock tonight?” “ Yes. By then I ________ my homework.” a. finish b. will finish c. will have finished d. finished 29. By reading English newspaper, ________. a. your English will improve c. one can improve his English b. English will be improved d. one can improve your English

30. Everybody talks about the wealthy but nobody does ________ about ________. a. something – it b. anything – it c. anything – him d. anything – them 31. He didn’t pass the entrance exam, ________ all his efforts. a. notwithstanding b. therefore c. although 32. ________ the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. a. Whomever b. Whoever c. Whatever 33. The place and date of the game ________. a. have not been decided c. is not decided yet d. because d. Whenever

b. has not been decided d. are not decide

34. Although ________ college until recently, I left without getting my degree. a. have attended b. attended c. attend d. was attended 35. He ________ hard since he needed some money so badly. a. has worked b. had worked c. worked d. works

36. Although I have lived here for many years, I still find New York City ________. a. interested b. interesting c. interest d. interestingly 37. ________ difficult the assignment may be, I will try to do it. a. Whatever b. Wherever c. However 38. Many a student ________ disappointed in ________ marks. a. are – their b. have – their c. has – his 39. He is reported ________ in the recent flight. a. to have been killed c. has been killed c. to be killed d. to kill d. will have d. like to do his d. Whenever d. is – his

40. If only I _______ a fairy godmother like Cinderella! a. would have b. have c. had 41. He is one of those people who ________ work alone. a. likes to do his b. likes to do their c. like to do their

42. Baseball, football, and soccer ________ as extracurricular activities. a. has been approved b. has approved c. have been approved d. have approved

43. The scouts walked a mile ________ than they had intended. a. farer b. father c. further 44. ________ you may look at it, the problem is a serious one. a. Whatever b. Whoever c. Whomever 45. I shall insist that he ________ as a member. a. not be accepted b. be not accepted c. is not accepted

d. more far d. However d. not is accepted d. takes d. who d. al ready d. However

46. Since she went there alone, she ________ a pistol with her. a. has taken b. had taken c. took 47. This ring will be sold to ________ gives the best price. a. whoever b. whom c. whomever 48. They said that were ________ to begin the lesson. a. already b. all ready c. already 49. ________ you may think, I have decided to vote for him. a. Wherever b. Whoever c. Whatever

50. The work ________ if everyone ________ share. a. will finish – does his b. would finish – did his c. would be finish – did their d. will be finished – does his 51. Freedom of speech, press, and religion ________ an ideal in the western democracies. a. has been b. are c. have had d. were 52. The data ________ correct, therefore, ________ may be put into record. a. is – it b. are – they c. is – they d. are – it 53. I would appreciate ________ it a secret. a. that you would keep c. that you are keeping 54. ________ to go shopping every day? a. Do you like b. Won’t you like b. your keeping d. you to keep c. Would you like d. May you like

55. Several of these machines are out of order and ________. a. need to be repairing b. repairing is required of them c. wants repairing d. need to be repaired 56. We are considering ________ your offer. a. to accept b. accepting c. could have gone d. accepted d. to quickly finish d. we teachers.

57. To answer accurately is more important than ________. a. finishing quickly b. to finish quickly c. a quick finish

58. His salary as a bus driver is much higher________. a. than our teacher b. than that of a teacher c. to compare with a teacher

59. Ann was absent yesterday; she ________. a. must be sick c. must have sicked 60. ________ to go to the movies this weekend? a. Will you like b. Do you like 61. If Jane doesn’t go to the party, ________ a. neither is he b. neither will he

b. ought to have been sick d. must have been sick c. Would you like c. he will go either d. Won’t you like d. he won’t also go

62. ________ in this room is on sale for half price. a. Each piece of furniture b. Each piece of furnitures c. Each furniture d. Each pieces of furniture 63. I forgot their ________. a. telephone number c. telephone’s number 64. It was ________ that he couldn’t put it down. a. such interesting books c. so an interesting book b. telephones number d. telephone’s numbers b. so interesting a book d. such interesting a book

65. Although I ________ college until recently, I left without getting my degree. a. have attended b. attended c. attend d. Would attend 66. Her work, ________ , is difficult. a. like her husband b. likes her husband c. like her husband’s d. like her husband’s d. you and me d. about…to

67. Just between ________, his theory won’t work. a. you and I b. you and myself c. I and yourself 68. Talk ________ a man ________ himself and he will listen for hours. a. about…by b. to…about c. to…by

69. He wanted to know whether the report on the accidents ________ or not. a. has been typed b. had been typed c. have been typed d. had typed 70. A student’s normal equipment ________ a pen, a notebook, and a ruler. a. is consisted of b. are considered of c. consist of d. consists of 71. “Did you talk to him?” “I ________ to him about this matter before it was brought up at the meeting.” a. would talk b. talked c. was talking d. had talked 72. “Where is she sitting?” “She is sitting ________ me.” a. near to b. next by 73. This bread is different from ________. a. that ones b. that one

c. next c. that

d. next to d. those ones

74. I will pay for the goods on the day you ________ them. a. will deliver b. would deliver c. delivered 75. “Did you expect Frank to come to the party?” “No, but I had hoped ________.” a. him coming b. that he comes

d. deliver

c. that he would

d. him to

76. Behind those two-way mirrors ________ a guard ready to arrest anyone who ________ foolish enough to try shoplifting. a. stand – is b. stands – are c. stand – are d. stands – is 77. “How many books does she have?” “She has _______ books.” a. a great deal of b. a great amount

c. plenty of

d. a lot

78. If someone doesn’t pay ________ electricity bill, ________ might end up without lights. a. their – they b. his – he c. their – his d. his – they 79. It was ________ that we had gone for a walk. a. so beautiful day b. such beautiful c. such a nice weather d. so beautiful a night

80. “Do you think your secretary will be here on time?” “She’ll be in trouble if she ________.” a. weren’t b. didn’t c. isn’t 81. “I wish you had brought your wife with you.” “I’ll get her ________ on the next trip.” a. coming along with me c. to come along with me

d. can’t

b. come with me d. come along with me

82. “Why didn’t you come to the party last night?” “I would have come but I ________ you were there.” a. hadn’t known b. didn’t know c. haven’t known 83. “How many lessons ________ so far?” a. did you study b. have you studied 84. “I think he likes playing ________.” a. the football b. basketball c. do you study c. piano

d. don’t know d. are you studying d. violin

85. “I am too sleepy to study.” “You ________ sleepy if you hadn’t watched that late movie last night.” a. wouldn’t have been sleepy b. were not sleepy c. will not be sleepy d. wouldn’t be sleepy 86. “Let’s take a walk before we start to study.” “Oh, I think it’s ________ for walking.” a. much too hot b. very much hot

c. too much hot

d. very much heat

87. “Can you tell me where my niece is?” “Yes, of course. ________!” a. Here she come c. Here comes your niece

b. Here comes your niece d. Your niece comes here

88. Please write out the answers to the questions at the end of ________. a. eighth chapter b. eight chapter c. chapter eight d, chapter the eight 89. I have never seen of talked to him. I only know him ________. a. by his name b. by name c. about name 90. The work must be finished one way or ________. a. other b. the other c. another d. of name d. others

91. It was ________ enjoyable an evening ________ I came very late last night. a. such an – that b. much – that c. so – that d. such – as 92. ________ you say about it. ________ it will be. a. The little – the better b. The less – the better c. The more – the little d. The better – the less 93. Look at those ________! a. white attractive dancing shoes c. attractive white dancing shoes b. shoes white attractive dancing d. dancing attractive white shoes

94. When I met him, he told me that he ________ emigrating to Australia. a. thought about b. is thinking about c. has thought about d. was thinking about 95. In any bureaucracy, ________ the superiors is the golden rule of survival. a. satisfying b. satisfaction c. satisfactory d. satisfied 96. The girl ________ went to the police station. a. who her purse was stolen c. whose purse was stolen b. which purse was stolen d. her purse was stolen

97. If he had driven carefully, the accident ________. a. would not have happened b. would not have been happened c. would not happen d. would not be happened 98. If you are patient, you ________. a. can be able to learn c. could be able to learn b. can learn d. will be able to can learn

99. Since the road is wet this morning, ________ last night. a. it must rain b. it must be raining c. it must have rained d. it must have been rain

100. “Betty has to get to New York quickly.” “________ now, she would be there by six o’clock.” a. If she leaves b. Were she to leave c. Should she leaves d. Would she leave 101. After seeing the movie, ________. a. the book was read by him c. he wanted to read the book 102. I wonder ________. a. how much cost these shoes c. how much these shoes cost b. a policeman gave him the book d. the book was given to him b. how much do these shoes cost d. how much are these shoes cost

103. ________ by the news reporters, he slipped out through the back door. a. To avoid anyone to meet him b. To avoid meeting c. To avoid being met d. To avoid to be met 104. I propose that the man ________ as a member of the club. a. will be accepted b. is accepted c. to be accepted 105. I wish that I ________ such a bad headache last night. a. hadn’t b. didn’t have c. hadn’t had 106. Very few boys turned ________ for badminton practice yesterday. a. to b. with c. up d. be accepted d. wouldn’t have d. on

107. A: “Whose pen have you borrowed?” B: “________, I never borrow things from ________.” a. No one’s – anybodyb. No one – anybody c. Nobody – someone d. Nobody’s – someone 108. Yesterday I ________ my secretary ________ my letters. a. had to have – type b. had to had – type c. had to have – typed d. have to had – typed 109. We want an ________ teacher. a. experience b. experiencing 110. A: “How did you like the party?” B: “I haven’t had ________ for months.” a. such enjoyable evening c. such an enjoyable evening 111. Do you know ________? a. what time the movie starts c. what time starts the movie 112. Upon returning from school, ________. a. a letter was in the mailbox c. a letter was found in the mailbox c. experienced d. experiencer

b. so an enjoyable d. so much enjoyable evening b. what time does the movie starts d. the movie starts what time b. he found a letter in the mailbox d. the mailbox had a letter in it

113. The restaurant ________ is not far from here. a. we had lunch in it b. we had lunch in c. where we had lunch in d. which we had lunch 114. ________ what they are doing, they have very little chance. a. Even if b. In spite of c. Because d. As

115. The weather forecast says there will be ________ and ________ in the afternoon. a. storm – rain b. storms – a rain c. storms – rain d. a storm – a rain 116. There were many soldiers ________ in that fierce battle. a. killing and injured b. killed and injured c. killing and injuring d. killed and injuring 117. The plane flew very ________ to avoid being seen by the enemy’s radar. a. lowly b. lower c. lowlier d. low 118. He felt ________ at home in such a small house. a. comfortable b. comfort c. comfortably d. in comfort

119. I can’t ________ you ________ getting married now that you are of age. a. prevent – from b. protect – from c. prevent – in d. protect – for 120. Statistics ________ that the population of this country was doubled. a. proves b. prove c. proofs d. proof 121. At the party I met five girls, ________ are my students. a. of the two b. two of them c. two of whom d. they

122. Now he is reading the book with one eye because ________ was hurt. a. another eye b. other eye c. one eye d. the other eye 123. Let’s go shopping. I have ________ in my pocket. a. few hundred dollars b. a few hundred dollars c. few hundreds dollars d. a few hundreds dollar 124. There will not be enough roads for cars ________. a. for a few times b. during a few years’ time c. at a few years of time d. in a few years’ time 125. In addition to ________ the quality of existing products, the company has been responsible for the development of new ones. a. improving b. improve c. be improved d. improved 126. It was unnecessary that the clerk ________ that package. a. wraps b. wrapping c. wrap d. wrapped

127. Many of his ideas are interesting ________ the women the conference. a. than – attending b. to – attending c. in – attending d. for – attended

128. He seldom borrows ________ from ________. a. something – somebody b. something – anybody c. anything – anybody d. anything – somebody 129. His plane crashed and blew up but he survived. What ________ experience! a. terrify b. terrified c. a terrifying d. the terrifying 130. He didn’t answer the two ________ questions. a. embarrassed b. embarrassing c. embarrass d. embarrasses

131. She has ________ friends that she feels lonely and can’t help ________. a. such a few – to cry b. so few – crying c. such few – crying d. so a few – crying 132. I’ll have my cooker ________ before Friday. a. repair and paint c. repairing and painting b. repairing and painting d. repair and painted

133. Doctor, I’d like to ________ with you if you have time. a. speak something b. tell something over c. talk something over d. go something over 134. The gangsters, ________. Quarreled among themselves. a. being a fool b. very fool c. to be very foolish d. being very foolish

135. The crowd _______ cheering, but our group ________ not impressed by the convention. a. is – are b. are – is c. is – is d. are – are 136. One of us ________. a. do not like to wear our necktie c. does not like to wear his necktie b. do not like to wear his necktie d. does not like to wear their necktie

137. “He was supposed to be here at eight o’clock but he didn’t show up at all.” “He ________ an accident.” a. should have had b. must have had c. might have had d. would have had 138. Sheila ________ than her sister. a. has more friendly b. is less friendly c. is more friends d. has less friendly d. composed d. have to kill

139. Beethoven ________ many great pieces of music. a. was composed of b. was composed c. composed of 140. Either the dogs or their master ________ one of these days. a. has to kill b. have to be killed c. has to be killed

141. I can’t ________ money ________ everyone who comes along and expects help. a. borrow – to b. lend – from c. borrow – far d. lend – to 142. His success proves him ________ and he is considered ________ leader. a. wisely – strong b. wise – a strong c. wise – strong d. wisely – strongly

143. It’s not much good ________ to him. He is so indifferent ________ success or failure. a. to talk – whether b. talking – from c. talking – to d. to talk – in 144. The train was ________ two hours and that was ________ to the passengers. a. delaying – annoying b. delayed – annoyed c. delaying – annoyed d. delayed – annoying 145. He promised me not to pick my apples again, and ________. a. neither did his brother b. so did his brother c. neither didn’t his brother d. his brother didn’t promise either 146. You’d better not go to ________. a. those rather crowed dirt fishing villages b. those rather dirty crowded fishing villages c. those crowded rather dirty fishing villages d. those dirty rather crowded fishing villages 147. He said he would rather________. a. walk than run b. walked than ran c. walks that runs d. walked that running

148. She was very angry with you. You ________ her age. a. had better not to ask b. I stepped on something soft c. must not have asked d. my feel were struck by something soft 149. Walking in the dark, ________. a. my foot struck something soft c. something soft was struck by my foot b. I stepped on something soft d. my feet were struck by something soft

150. ________ last year, you would be studying in a university now. a. If only you study hard b. If you studied hard c. If you had studied hard d. you should study hard 151. The students each ________. a. have carried their suitcases c. have carried his suitcases b. had carried his suitcases d. had carried their suitcases d. hadn’t bought

152. My father would rather I ________ that car, but I did. a. didn’t buy b. wouldn’t buy c. haven’t bought

153. Mary has ________ that she doesn’t know what to do with it. a. such lot of money b. such much money c. such a lot of money d. so plenty of 154. Reading books when you are tired________. a. are a waste of time b. are wasting time c. is a waste of time d. is wasted time

155. He filled the glass ________ the water ________ from his laboratory. a. of – brought b. with – brought c. with – bringing d. of – bringing 156. What ________ to his friend ________ him from carrying on his jobs. a. was happened – discouraged b. happened – discouraging

c. happened – discouraged

d. happens – discourage

157. Which one is correct? a. Almost everyone of the animal in the zoo is starving to death. b. Most of animals in the zoo are starving to death. c. Almost every one of the animals in the zoo is starving to death. d. Most animal in the zoo are starving to death. 158. Although they panted ________, they didn’t earn ________. a. less crop – less b. less crops – fewer c. fewer – fewer d. fewer crops – less

159. Having made a long speech at the conference, ________. a. his voice was lost b. he lost his voice c. nobody heard his voice d. everybody applauded him 160. ________ in the 17th century, the house looks unique. a. Designing b. Designed c. To design d. Have designed

161. Had he come here yesterday, I ________ there tomorrow. a. will not go b. would not have gone c. shall not go d. would not have to go 162. ________, she didn’t try to do anything. a. Feeling frustration b. Felt frustrated c. Feeling frustrated d. Felt frustrating d. are pleasant d. how d. list’s price

163. Their winning scholarships ________ everybody in the family. a. are pleased b. pleases c. is pleased 164. He is the person ________ they think is best qualified. a. whom b. when c. who 165. We enclosed the ________ of our products for your consideration. a. price list b. list price c. price’s list

166. He locked ________ out of the house. Did you ever lock ________ out? a. him – you b. himself – you c. yourself – himself d. himself – yourself 167. When he ________, we shall begin the meeting. a. will arrive b. is arrived c. arrives d. is arriving

168. That car is ________ expensive than I can afford but it is ________ good. a. too much – really b. far more – really c. much more – real d. a little more – real 169. You have three books and she has two, but ________ more. a. her cost b. hers cost c. hers costs d. her costs

170. If you had seen ________ pancakes he ate this morning, you might have understood why he is so overweigh. a. a number of b. the number of c. a large amount d. how much

171. We had to wait almost ________ hour before we got ________ taxi to ________ railway station. a. the – a – the b. an – a – the c. an – the – a d. the – a – a 172. She smiled at him ________. a. friendly b. with friendly 173. She needn’t do that herself and ________. a. you don’t too b. you needn’t too c. in a friendly way d. as friends

c. you needn’t either d. neither don’t you

174. There are not ________ few children to look after ________ he thought. a. such – that b. so – that c. such – as d. so – as 175. The girl, ________, avoided ________. a. being warned – to walk alone in that street b. was warned – walking alone in that street c. having been warned – walking alone in that street d. warning – to walk alone in that street 176. You will get your son ________ if you let him drive such a car ________ in town. a. to kill – to work b. killed – work c. killed – to work d. to kill – work 177. He gave me a ring ________. a. was made of gold b. made from gold c. made of gold d. making from gold

178. A: “I saw you in New York but you didn’t see me.” B: “It ________ someone else. I have never been to New York.” a. must be b. should have been c. may be 179. A strange plane flew ________. a. highly yesterday round the city c. highly round the city yesterday 180. He had brought ________. a. two book too many c. too many two books

d. must have been

b. round the city highly yesterday d. high round the city yesterday b. many two books too d. many too two books d. late half hour

181. He was not admitted into the room because he was ________. a. late half an hour b. half an hour late c. late a half hour 182. He still cannot find a girl ________. a. good enough to marry with c. good enough to marry

b. well enough to marry to d. good enough to marry to

183. ________ on the new foreign policy, the government stretched out a hand of peace to all the nations. a. Deciding b. Being decided c. Having been decided d. Having decided 184. Although I ________ college until recently, I left without getting my degree. a. have attended b. attended c. attend d. will attend

185. The students haven’t arrived, and ________. a. their teacher haven’t, either c. nor have their teacher

b. so hasn’t their teacher d. neither has their teacher d. will be finished d. had been waiting

186. I ________ my work by five o’clock this afternoon. a. finish b. shall have finished c. have finished 187. Maria ________ for two hours before the bus finally came. a. waited b. has been waiting c. has waited

188. Political situations in our country ________ for the last six months. a. has been improving b. has been improved c. were improved d. have been improving 189. He said he was very busy ________ his students for an examination. a. of preparing b. to prepare c. preparing d. by preparing 190. He went home as soon as he ________. a. had his hair cut b. had had his hair cut c. has his hair cut d. has cut his hair

191. Grand Canyon is the greatest wonder I’ve ever seen. I wish my wife ________ next trip. a. comes with me b. could have come with me c. could come with me d. came with me 192. She was the most ________ girl ________. a. irritating – I ever know c. irritated – I ever know b. irritating – I have ever known d. irritated – I had ever known d. to have tried d. see

193. It’s no good ________ to calm him now. He is very angry. a. trying b. to try c. for trying 194. I remember ________ her when she was a little girl. a. to see b. saw c. seeing 195. Not all of the places ________ are interesting. a. which we visited them b. we visited them c. we visited d. that we visited to 196. The population of our country ________. a. is larger than your country c. is larger than that of your country

b. are larger than your country d. are larger than those of your country

197. Stuntmen, ________ dangerous, are paid much less than actors. a. whose works are b. who their work is b. which their work is d. whose work is 198. A: “Mary has come here and she has a nice present for you.” B: “Oh, really ________.” a. How lovely she is ! b. What lovely she be ! c. What lovely she is ! d. How lovable she be !

199. Israel decided to take revenge on the enemy ________ the consequence. a. without regard of b. regardless of c. despite of d. in case of 200. Paul ________ from his family since he arrived on the tenth of last month. a. don’t hear b. doesn’t hear c. has not heard d. had not heard 201. ________ nobody put the blame on him, he admitted________. a. Although – to do wrong b. Although – having done wrong c. Because – doing wrong d. In spite of – having done wrong 202. There should be some money in the safe, ________? a. shouldn’t there b. shouldn’t it c. isn’t there d. isn’t it

203. Do you know Joan, next month I ________ in his house for 25 years. a. shall have been living b. shall have been lived c. shall be living d. shall live 204. Write a shore essay ________ to class tomorrow. a. when you will come b. before you come c. after you will come d. as soon as you will come 205. Mr. Brown enjoys his hobby, ________ old clocks. a. to collect and repair b. to collect and to repair c. collecting and repairing d. collecting and to repair 206. I am very sorry I am late. I ________ by bus. a. should come b. must have come c. should have come d. ought to come 207. He is not used to ________. a. hard work b. work hard 208. ________, the car ran smoothly. a. Having fixed b. Being fixed c. hardly working d. working hardly

c. Having been fixed d. Fixing

209. Mary and her sister take turns ________ their mother prepare their meals. a. to help b. helping c. to helping d. help 210. The hotel ________ is a luxurious one. a. he is staying at c. that he is staying at it b. which he is staying d. he is staying it

211. There is no comparison between these two boys. Your son is ________ better. a. more much b. much more c. very d. far 212. When Mary came in, we ________ T.V. for half an hour. a. were watching b. watcher c. had been watching d. have been watching 213. Mary : “Get another bottle of cold water from the refrigerator, please. John : “I can’t. There ________ left.” a. aren’t any b. isn’t any c. is more d. is not

214. The amount leisure time I have depends on ________ of homework I have to do each day. a. the amount b. the number c. how much d. the lots 215. Many people dislike ________ on a crowded bus. a. standing b. to stand c. stood d. to standing

216. A policeman’s duty is ________ the public and ________ crime. a. to protect – prevent b. to prevent – to protect c. prevent – protect d. to protect – preventing 217. The little boy became ________ when he didn’t see his mother in the room. a. frightening b. frighten c. frightened d. to frighten 218. One of the books is mine; ________ is my sister’s. a. the others b. another c. other 219.Walking in the woods, ________. a. a snake bit him c. he is bitten by a snake 220. Though he is not rich, ________. a. but he is content b. he has content d. the other

b. a snake was bitten him d. he was bitten by a snake c. he contents d. he is content

221. In the last few years our government ________ to correct the situation. a. have tried b. is trying c. has tried d. tried 222. The students in the class ________ the teacher’s instruction. a. are awaiting for b. are waiting c. is waiting for 223. When will the examinations ________? a. be taken place b. take place c. took place d. are awaiting d. be took place d. a used to d. interests you d. much cheaper d. however, there was

224. The knife ________ committing the crime was hidden in the bush. a. is used to b. was used to c. used for 225. Is the book you bought from him ________? a. interested b. be interested c. interesting

226. Going by train is ________ than going by plane. a. more expensive b. more cheaper c. very cheaper 227. Because there was an accident on the road, ________ a traffic jam. a. so there was b. therefore there was c. there was

228. The people ________ the conference are ________. a. attended – language teachers b. attending – languages teacher c. attending – languages teachers d. attending – language teachers 229.All sorts of rumours that are going round ________ the people. a. frightens b. is frightening c. are frightened d. frighten

230. The library has ________. a. English easy books very several c. several very easy English books

b. very several easy English books d. several English books very easy

231. The house ________ is ________ Twenty – second Street. a. where we were looking – at b. we were looking at – on c. we were looking at it – on d. that we were looking at – in 232. A good many horses ________ for the race. a. has entered b. have been entered c. have entered d. has been entered

233. My brother Jim, ________ yesterday, is going to the States. a. that you talked to b. you talked to c. whom you talked to d. whom you talked 234. A: “I went to England last month.” B: “I ________. When did you come back?” a. don’t know you went to England c. don’t know you are in England

b. didn’t know you were in England d. don’t know you go to England

235. I ________ my dinner for 5 minutes when I heard a knock at the door. a. I was having b. I am having c. I had been having d. I have been having 236. My two brothers are at home and I’m sure they ________. a. must be watching T.V. now b. must watch T.V. now c. might watch T.V. now d. ought to watch T.V. now 237. ________ that they were trying to poison him, he refused to eat anything. a. Convincing b. To convince c. Convince d. Convinced 238. Today, ________ medical science we can expect to live to a good old age. a. according to b. thank c. thanks to d. despite 239. When you saw her doing that, you ________ her. a. must stop b. must have stopped c. should stop 240. It’s about ________ from here to the station. a. ten minutes drive b. ten minute’s drive c. ten minute drive d. should have stopped d. ten minutes’ drive

241. The number of people who ________ in the city ________ about ten thousand. a. lives – is b. live – is c. lives – are d. live – are 242. The teacher suggested ________ that all their homework ________. a. the students – be b. the students – is c. to the students – be d. to the students – are 243. This is the second time someone ________ me today. a. had interrupted b. interrupted c. interrupts 244. By next July John ________ working in this office for five years. a. will be b. will be being c. will have been d. has interrupted d. will has been

245. The high standard of quality of the goods________. a. need to maintained b. need maintaining c. needs to maintain

d. needs maintaining

246. Prices are going up, and that ________ the cost of living ________ up. a. makes – to b. make – to go c. makes – going d. make – going 247. The employees in the company are paid ________. a. by month b. by a month c. by the month d. by monthly

248. She failed the entrance examinations. Her father didn’t like to see her ________, so he sent her to study aboard. a. laughing at b. laugh at c. laughed at d. laughs at 249. There were ________ of people killed in the six – day war between the two countries. a. ten of thousands b. tens of thousand c. tens of thousands d. ten of thousand 250. ________ Christmas Eve I usually have someone ________ my mother some flowers. a. In – send b. On – sent c. On – send d. At – to send 251. Mr. Gray is ________. a. an old friend of my wife c. an old friend’s my wife b. an old friend of my wife’s d. an old friend of my wifes’

252. He was much criticized for what he had been doing but he remained ________. a. silent b. silence c. silently d. to silent 253. This is the first cigarette ________ today. a. I smoked b. I have smoked 254. A: What ________ the weather like? B: It was very wet and cold. a. does b. was c. I smoke d. I am smoking

c. did

d. is

255. A: I went to see Jim last night to ask for some help. B: ________. I could have helped you if you had told me. a. You didn’t need to go b. You needn’t have gone c. You shouldn’t go d. You mustn’t have gone 256. ________ you were ill, I would have visited you. a. If I knew b. Were I to know c. Had I known d. If I would have known

257. ________ guilty of fraud, the man was sent to prison for six months. a. Having found b. Finding c. Having been found d. Being founded 258. Have you heard that bus fares ________ again very soon. a. be increased b. will increases c. are being increased d. is increasing 259. A: “I am sleepy.” B: “You ________ if you had gone to bed earlier last night.” a. wouldn’t been so sleepy b. wouldn’t have sleepy

c. wouldn’t so sleepy

d. wouldn’t have had sleepy

260. The leader of the laborers, as well as most of his followers, ________ to see the Prime Minister. a. has come b. have come c. had come d. are coming 261. Many a person ________ to earn ________ way through college. a. have – his b. has – his c. have – their 262. You should select foods that are nourishing and ________. a. taste good b. taste delicious c. taste deliciously 263. While having lunch, ________. a. his girlfriend came to see him c. the telephone rang d. has – their d. tasty

b. the soup bowl slid onto his lap d. he told me about his past experience

264. Economics ________ the subject that they like to study in the class. a. is most always b. are most always c. is almost always d. are almost always 265. She was crying bitterly because the result of her examination________. a. was disappointed b. had been disappointed c. was disappointing d. was being disappointed 266. Water ________ hydrogen and oxygen. a. is composed of b. is consisted of c. composed of d. consist of d. them – of

267. A friend of ________ was sick ________ malaria. a. them – with b. their – of c. theirs – with

268. The ________ they receive money, the ________ they become. a. less – angrier b. lesser – more angry c. less – most angry d. lesser – angrier 269. He carried out the order ________ he should be punished. a. less b. in case c. because 270. He ________ his garage all day yesterday. a. used to paint b. would paint 271. What ________ we’ve had this last week! a. wonderful weather c. a wonderful weather c. was painting d. lest d. has painted

b. the wonderful weather d. wonderfully weather d. reading – reading d. dispatching

272. I don’t like ________ poems, but I like ________ this one. a. to read – reading b. to read – read c. reading – to read 273. It is imperative that the letter ________ at once. a. dispatch b. is dispatched c. be dispatched 274. A: Drivers can get licenses at 18, but your son is only 16. B: He is ________.

a. two years too young c. young two years too 275. He will fix everything after ________. a. you explain him the situation c. you have explained him the situation 276. What he has done ________ me so much. a. is not impress c. is not impressed

b. too young two years d. too two years young b. you will explain him the situation d. you have explained the situation b. does not impress d. has not been impressed d. is coming d. are seeing

277. I am expecting a parcel ________ by post today. a. come b. will come c. to come 278. Don’t forget to give her the message when you ________ her. a. will see b. see c. have seen

279. Next week I ________ to visit my sister and shall probably take her some fruit and other things. a. shall intend b. will intend c. intend d. intended 280. The chances of starvation ________ less if one is a farmer. a. is b. are c. be 281. There ________considerable room for improvement in their work. a. were b. are c. be d. being d. is

282. Every year the members of the club ________ to celebrate the anniversary. a. comes b. come c. are coming d. is coming 283. For the past ten minutes I ________ for my friend to come. She hasn’t arrived yet. a. waited b. am waiting c. was waiting d. have been waiting 284. On Sundays I usually go fishing or ________ my shopping at Sunday market. a. doing b. do c. will do d. have done 285. Last week he promised that he ________ today, but he hasn’t arrived yet. a. will come b. was coming c. would come d. come 286. ________ anybody in these two classes know John’s address? a. Has b. Do c. Does 287. “Has John finished his work yet?” “Yes, he ________ about half an hour ago.” a. has finished b. has been finished d. Are

c. finished

d. was finished

288. The furniture in this room and that room ________. a. don’t need to be polished b. don’t need polishing c. doesn’t need to be polished d. don’t need to polish

289. He lent me his bicycle yesterday and I ________ it last night. a. have returned b. returned c. had returned

d. return

290. Our team ________ every match so far this year, but we still have three more games to play. a. have won b. has won c. had won d. wins 291. The dog is still wet. It ________ out of the rain. a. only just comes b. has only just been coming c. was only just coming d. has only just come 292. ________ my sister since last night? I can’t find her anywhere. a. Did you see b. Were you seeing c. Have you seen 293. ________ a noise just then? a. Have you heard b. Did you hear d. Do you see

c. Were you hearing d. Are you hearing

294. Man ________ how to reach the most distant planets. a. not yet discovered b. not discovered yet c. has not yet discovered d. doesn’t yet discover 295. One day last year, I ________ downstairs. a. have fallen b. used to fall c. was falling d. fell d. has rarely come

296. He used to visit us every week but he ________ now. a. rarely came b. rarely comes c. is rarely coming 297. ________ some kind of whisky? a. Is this bottle containing c. Was this bottle containing

b. Is this bottle contained d. Does this bottle contain

298. Rome has been an important city for centuries, and it ________ important. a. has still been b. is still being c. had still been d. is still 299. Nobody ________ to see me so far today, but my mother may come this evening. a. comes b. is coming c. has come d. had come 300. He is reading The Times today, but on Fridays he ________ The Post. a. is reading b. reads c. was reading d. had read 301. The rainy season ________, and so everything is growing fast. a. was beginning b. had begun c. has begun 302. When you saw her, ________ my letter? a. did she already receive c. does she already receive 303. ________ a long time since I saw him. a. It was b. There is d. will begin

b. has she already received d. had she already received c. It has been d. It takes

304. The cook hasn’t cooked your supper yet. ________ it now or later? a. Had he done b. Will he have been doing c. Has he done d. Shall he do 305. While we ________, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t locked the door. a. have been lying b. lies down c. were lying down d. lie down 306. How much money ________ when you leave this job? a. did you earn b. will you have earned c. have you earned d. had you earned 307. He’s still very tired because he ________ from his world tour. a. was only recently coming back b. has only recently come back c. only recently comes back d. is only recently coming back 308. You’ll have to knock at the door loudly to wake me when you get home tonight as I ________ heavily then. a. shall sleep b. slept c. shall have slept d. shall be sleeping 309. He ________ the exam next July but now he won’t be able to take it until next November. a. will be taking b. was taking c. is taking d. is going to take 310. By the time you get back to Thailand, I ________ in the band and you can come and see me there. a. shall have worked b. am working c. shall be working d. work 311. The fox is sure to come in the middle of the night because he knows the hens _______ then. a. will be roosting b. will be roosted c. roosted d. were roasting 312. How long ________ here by the end of next year? a. will you work b. are you working c. will you be working d. will you have been working 313. We ________ to go to Singapore next August, but we find we can’t go as we’ve spent all the money on the house. a. plan b. will be planning c. were planning d. will plan 314. I usually go to bed at ten; therefore I ________ peacefully at midnight. a. shall be dreaming b. am dreaming c. shall have dreamt d. would have dreamt 315. A new house ________ on the land next to our house. a. is building b. is built c. is being built 316. Are meetings ever ________ in the classroom? a. be held b. held c. holding 317. I don’t believe that problem ________. a. is being solved b. to be solved 318. Paper money for over a thousand year. a. used b. has used c. been solved c. has been used d. will build d. to hold d. being solved d. use

319. How old must you ________ in an election? a. to be to vote b. be to vote

c. to vote

d. to be voted

320. It’s very dark and he _______ where he is going. a. can’t be able to see b. will able not to see c. won’t be able to see d. won’t be able to see 321. You ________ your books next lesson, as we shall do oral work. a. don’t need bring b. needn’t bring c. needn’t of bringing d. needn’t be bring 322. ________ so much luggage? There’s nowhere to put it. a. Need you to bring b. Must you need bring c. Need you bring d. Need you have to bring 323. ________ to the office until four o’clock. a. You must not to go c. You’re not have to go 324. He said he ________ a doctor. a. must have to see b. needed to see b. You’re not to go d. You oughtn’t go c. did need of seeing d. ought to need see d. Must I to do d. will have finished d. will return

325. ________ all this translation now? It is very boring. a. Do I must do b. Need I must do c. Need I do 326. I won’t let you go home till you ________ your work. a. will finish b. finished c. have finished 327. I will let him as soon as he ________. a. returned b. returns c. is returned

328. How many of these machines ________ when you have sold this last one? a. have bought b. will have bought c. are being bought d. will have been bought 329. My brother is so prod that I can’t make him ________ his mind. a. change b. changing c. changed 330. I ________ you now if I could. a. will help b. help c. would help d. to change d. am going to help

331. If you took those clothes to the laundry now, they ________ by this evening. a. would be washed b. washed c. would wash d. would have been washing 332. I wish I ________ him when he visited Thailand. a. met b. have met c. had met d. would meet

333. This is the fourth time this week ________ brother has broken my bicycle. a. at which your b. that your c. which your d. that you 334. The mountain is ________ no one can climb it. a. very steep that b. steep that c. so steep as d. so steep

335. Don’t listen to him ________ he complains. a. no matter how much c. why

b. whatever d. whichever

336. We will take ________ put you to the trouble of fetching more. a. less sugar than b. less sugar rather c. less sugar rather than d. lesser sugar than 337. At last month’s meeting the president asked the farmers if they ________ more trees immediately. a. will plant b. have planted c. would plant d. planted 338. He already owns two cars and now he is buying ________ one. a. the other third b. another third c. the third d. third

339. Not one of the typewriters that ________ stolen ________ been found. a. was – has b. were – have c. were – has d. was – have 340. ________ coffee did you drink today? Three cups. a. How many cups b. How much c. How many d. What

341. She was so frightened when she saw ________ parked in front of her house. a. the number of police cars b. a number of police car c. the number of police cars d. a number of police cars 342. This car is ________ from that one. a. not different b. not differing c. no difference d. no different d. both of them are

343. The country needs more gas and oil, ________ is in short supply. a. both of them are b. both of which is c. both of them is

344. I choose this program because it is better than ________ that come on at the same time. a. the others b. another c. other d. any other 345. He gave a lecture yesterday. Some students did not understand it. Not all of the students understand ________ yesterday. a. his lecture he gave b. a lecture he gave c. the lecture he gave d. that he gave a lecture 346. Any person who calls himself ________ would never speak to me like that. a. gentlemen b. gentleman c. a gentleman d. the gentleman 347. He was put in prison ________, but not for long. a. at a time b. for a time c. for many times d. in times

348. The weather is always changing: it is raining one minute and fine ________. a. next one b. the next c. next minute d. next 349. He suggested ________ to a holiday camp. a. Mary that she should go c. for Mary that she go b. to Mary that she should go d. to Mary to go

350. She is one of those who ________ money. a. enjoys to spend b. enjoys spending

c. enjoy to spend

d. enjoy spending

351. Americans today are marrying at an earlier age than their parents and grandparents ________ a. are b. did c. do d. were 352. They differed ________ each other in their political views. a. from b. about c. in 353. I hope you will enter heartily ________ the contest. a. for b. at c. into d. by d. upon

354. ________ with symbols, the novel Mody Dick is difficult to understand. a. Filling b. Filled c. Having filled d. Being filled 355. “Do you want to use the tell or the short glasses?” “I like the ________ better.” a. short one b. short ones c. one is short 356. The teacher made ________ comment on her report. a. a little b. little c. few

d. glasses are short d. a few

357. ________ English books is available on the market at present, but none is appropriate to architecture students. a. A large number of b. A great deal of c. The large number of d. A lot of 358. We all agreed that we would build ________ house. a. a good big gray stone b. a gray stone good big c. a big good stone gray d. a stone good big gray 359. My brother-in-law works in ________ a. a well-designed, modern factory shoes b. a well-designed factory modern shoes c. a modern, well-designed shoe factory d. a modern, shoe well designed factory 360. She poured ________ into the bowl. a. some water drinking clean c. some drinking clean water b. some clean drinking water d. water some clean drinking

361. The Commander in his uniform wore a sword with a ________ hilt. a. gold, long, glittering b. glittering, gold, long c. long, gold, glittering d. long, glittering, gold 362. He told me a/an ________ story. a. horrifying, mystery, old c. mystery, old, horrifying b. old, horrifying, mystery d. horrifying, old, mystery

363. ________ took the Pratom one entrance examination on Tuesday 22, March. a. Thousands children b. Thousands of children

c. Thousand of children

d. A thousand of children

364. He is German soldier with ________ when he speaks English. a. an accent foreign strong b. a strong foreign accent c. a foreign accent strong d. a foreign strong accent 365. ________ house are unsafe the city has set up her master plan. a. Those five fine old red dilapidated brick b. Those five red old fine dilapidated brick c. Those five dilapidated old find red brick d. Those five old red fine brick dilapidated 366. Mary has extremely ________ and fine ________. She has tiny hands but her fingers seem long and slender. a. blue light eyes…brown straight hair b. light blue eyes…straight brown hair c. eyes light blue…brown hair straight d. blue eyes light…hair straight brown 367. She became ________ because she did not eat enough. a. ill chiefly b. chief ill c. ill chief 368. They listened ________ to what the guest lecturer was saying. a. attend b. attention c. attentive d. illness chiefly d. attentively

369. The old lady smiled ________ at the boy when he ________ opened the door. a. approval, politely b. approvingly, politely c. approvingly, polite d. approved, politely 370. ________ to be exact, it’s only $19.50. a. Nearly everybody earns $20 a day b. Everybody nearly earns $20 a day c. Everybody earns $20 nearly a day d. Everybody earns nearly $20 a day 371. I know that ________ a. he sometimes tell lies c. he sometimes tells lie b. he sometime tell lies d. he sometimes tells lies

372. There are not many fish in the streams ________ the village people go fishing every day. a. on the other hand b. nevertheless c. therefore d. besides 373. He walked ________ a. slowly last night along the road c. slowly along the road last night b. along the road last night slowly d. last night slowly along the road

374. She always does her job neatly, ________. a. perfectly and fast b. perfect and lastly c. perfectly and fastly d. perfect and fast 375. My sister ________ quiet. She ________ though she seems to be happy.

a. usually is …smiles hardly ever c. usually is …ever hardly smiles

b. is usually…smiles ever hardly d. is usually…hardly ever smiles

376. A: How was slavery abolished in Thailand? B: At his coronation King Chulalongkorn issued a degree that all people born during his reign ________. a. would eventually set free b. would set free eventually c. would eventually be set free d. would be eventually free 377. John, as well as I, ________ a great deal of time swimming. a. spend b. spends c. am spending d. are spending 378. Each time the star singer finishes a song, everybody in the audience ________ loudly. a. applauds b. applaud c. applauded d. have applauded 379. “Did you hear any noise in the room?” “No, when I came in, neither the radio nor the television ________ on.” a. was b. were c. has been d. were being 380. “Do you think they will be fired?” “Whether they will be fired or not ________ on the final decision of the committee.” a. depend b. is depending c. depends d. are depending 381.You ________ what he said, could you? a. can’t have understood b. could have understood b. could understand d. couldn’t have understood 382. Mary got terribly sunburnt yesterday. She ________ in the sun so long. a. needn’t have lain b. mustn’t have lain c. couldn’t have lain d. oughtn’t to have lain 383. ________ I borrow this piece of material? I’d like ________ it to my father. a. May, to be able to show b. Can, show c. Should, wanting to show d. Will, to be to show 384. When he had a problem to solve, he ________ at it until he found an answer. a. may have worked b. might work c. used to work d. should have worked 385. A: “Did Jack help her?” B: “No, he didn’t although he ________ her.” a. should help b. might have helped c. can have helped d. ought to have helped 386. A: “Might she have forgotten his address?” B: “Yes, she ________.” a. might forget b. may forget b. might have d. had forgotten 387. When you go to play football, you ________ take a football but you ________ take your own pair of boots.

a. must, needn’t c. mustn’t, needn’t

b. needn’t, must d. mustn’t, must

388. Julie must have made this beautiful dress. a. She might make it b. We think she made it b. She let someone make it d. She didn’t make it 389. They needn’t have finished it a. Nobody finished it. B. They didn’t finish it. c. We don’t know whether they finished it or not. d. They finished it unnecessarily. 390. She used to play the violin quite quietly for hours on end. a. It has been a habit for a long time. b. She plays the violin quietly nowadays. c. It was a habit once but she doesn’t do it now. d. Nobody else played the violin. 391. You mustn’t take any more of this medicine. a. I forbid you to take any more. b. You don’t need it any longer. c. It isn’t necessary to take any more. d. It’s improbable that you will take any more. 392. “What am I going to do?” “You’d better ________ your father at once.” a. consult b. consulting c. consulted 393. “What should I say?” “You ________ anything.” a. needn’t to say b. don’t need saying c. needn’t say 394. “It’s late.” “I know. We had better ________ until later.” a. to go now than to wait b. go now then to wait c. go now than wait d. gone now than wait 395. My friend was going to call me as soon as he arrived this morning, but he didn’t call. He ________ the train. a. had to miss b. should have missed c. would have missed d. must have missed 396. Those who violate the rules ________. a. must be severely punished b. must severely most punishment c. should meet severe punished d. should be punished severe 397. You have to hand in your exercises now. It ________ an hour ago. a. could have been done b. should do c. should have been done d. could do

d. to consult

d. need to say not

398. It’s right that he ________ since he started ________ a few weeks before the exam. a. could fail, to work b. had to fall, worked c. should have failed, working d. should failed, working 399. “How inconvenient! Their hotel doesn’t have laundry service.” “That’s really too bad. We ________ to bring our traveling iron along.” a. didn’t forget b. wouldn’t forget c. shouldn’t forget d. shouldn’t have forgotten 400. ________ take this book from the library without permission. a. You’d better not to b. You’d better not c. Better don’t you d. It’s better you not 401. “Would you mind not smoking? This is the non-smoking area.” “Then, there ________ be a “No smoking” notice.” a. could b. will c. might d. should 402. Wipa ________ to the hospital yesterday but nobody took her there. a. could go b. would go c. should have gone d. must have gone 403. He was ________ tired ________ keep his eyes open. a. so-that b. too-to c. enough-to d. such-that

404. The table was ________ big ________ they couldn’t get it through the door. a. too-that b. so-that c. too-to d. enough-to 405. He is ________ popular ________ everyone wishes to see him. a. so-that b. such a-that c. such-that d. too-for 406. The wind was ________ cold ________ we couldn’t stop shivering. a. such-that b. too-to c. very-that d. so-that 407. Can your father speak French ________ have a conversation?” a. well enough to b. good enough to c. so well to d. well enough for 408. This boy speaks ________ good English ________ everyone admires him. a. so-that b. such-that c. very-that d. such a-that 409. This problem is ________ a. too difficult to solve it c. so difficult to solve it b. too difficult to solve d. so difficult to solve

410. He is ________ successful ________ everyone here is very proud of him. a. such-that b. so-that c. such a- that d. such a –so 411. A: “What do you think of your new bookkeeper.” B: “He works ________ his figures never need ________.” a. such efficiently that …is check b. such an efficient that…to be checked c. so efficient that…checking d. so efficiently that…to be checked

412. They are ________ friendly people ________ everyone likes them. a. such-that b. such a-as c. so-that d. as-as 413. “I think used cars are not too expensive.” “No. They are ________.” a. too cheap to buy b. cheap enough to buy c. very expensive that we cannot buy d. so expensive that we cannot buy 414. Ice melts if we ________ it. a. will warm b. warmed c. warmed d. would warm d. didn’t work d. would be

415. You wouldn’t be so tired if you ________ so hard. a. don’t work b. won’t work c. hadn’t worked 416. The headmaster ________ in if you call at 10 a.m. a. is b. was c. will be

417. If Marlon ________ a horse, he would ride it up the mountain. a. were b. had been c. has had d. had 418. If you ________ the bill, you ________ in trouble now. a. has not paid, would have been b. did not pay, would be c. haven’t paid, will have been d. had not paid, would be 419. “Are you going to buy a new car?” “If I ________ one, I ________ you know.” a. will buy, would let b. have bought, should let c. do buy, will let d. had bought, would have let 420. If he ________ quietly as instructed, he ________ a second heart attack. a. had lain, might no have b. had laid, might not have c. had lain, might not have had d. had laid, might not have had 421. A: If I had known about the flood. I wouldn’t have built my house in this area. B: Do you mean that________? a. you don’t own a house in the area b. your house was flooded c. your house wouldn’t be flooded, had you known d. you’re not going to build a house there. 422. ________ there should be no misunderstanding, we propose to issue these instructions to every employer in writing. a. If b. Despite the fact that c. In order that d. Otherwise 423. No sooner had he seen a blind man ________. a. when he got up from his chair b. than he got up from his chair c. so he got up from his chair d. therefore he got up from his chair 424. ________ she is ready, we can go. a. moreover b. Although c. Until d. If

425. He did that not ________ he was kind but ________ he wanted people to know him. a. for, for b. because, that c. until, because d. because, because 426. He didn’t agree to come ________ we asked him for a third time. a. likewise b. until c. for this reason 427. You must practice daily ________ you will win the race. a. in case b. whenever c. because 428. We haven’t seen Sue ________ she came back to her hometown. a. as soon as b. since c. when 429. ________ Ann did well at school, she can’t find a job. a. Even though b. Despite c. As a result d. because d. so that d. until d. Consequently

430. ________ you refuse to believe I acted in good faith, I will not pursue the matter any further. a. Nevertheless b. Seeing that c. As long as d. Despite 431. “She spent a lot of time on that.” “________ carefully she worked, it wasn’t perfect.” a. Though b. Although c. No matter

d. No matter how

432.He maintained his interest in law ________ he was assassinated. a. as b. when c. until d. while 433. ________ the proposal to raise dues, ________ postpone the matter until next meeting. a. In regards to…to us b. In regard to…let us c. In this regard…let’s us d. Regarding…let’s us 434. “We’ll keep it ________ two months have passed.” a. until b. during c. while 435. “Will your sister be present at the meeting?” “She will ________ she still has a cold.” a. because b. whether d. before

c. while

d. although

436. They said your boyfriend was still handsome ________ his missing front tooth. a. with b. except c. no matter d. in spite of 437. “I find Australian Aboriginal are quite fascinating.” “Yes, it is 40000 years old ________ it has remained unknown to the world, even to most Australians.” a. yet b. since c. despite d. whereas 438. ________ they knew that their opponents had been playing well recently, they knew that they were in for a hard match. a. Though b. Since c. However d. Moreover

439. Which is the best answer? a. Because its low engine power, the old car reached the top of the hill successfully. b. In spite of its low engine power, the old car reached the top of the hill successfully. c. Although the old car reached the top of the hill successfully, having low engine power. d. In addition to its low engine power, the old car reached the top of the hill successfully. 440. Which statement is correct? a. Even she found someone to be rich and handsome, she would not marry yet. b. Finding that anyone is rich and handsome, so she might be married. c. If she will not be married, she will find anyone rich and handsome. d. She will not marry until she finds someone rich and handsome. 441. That man’s reasoning was like a. a child c. that of a child’s 442. The wood of some trees is ________ a. harder than others c. harder than of others’ b. a child’s d. those of a child’s b. harder than that of others d. harder than that of others’

443. John’s record was ________ on the team. a. not so good as all the players b. not good as the players c. not so good as any other player’s d. not so good as that of any player’s 444. The bull frog swelled and swelled, sucking in ________ until, finally, it burst. a. more and more air b. more and most air c. most air d. more air 445. ________, or even faster than, your competitors. a. You must run so fast as b. You must run as fast as c. You must run so fast that d. You must run as faster as 446. It took five men to carry the tree, which was ________ than a three story building. a. more tall b. as tall c. the tallest d. taller 447. The plan calls for a ________ defense than the one we currently have. a. stronger b. most strongest c. stronger than d. as stronger 448. Of all the amplifiers, this product with its wide range provides ________ stability within the audible spectrum. a. the greatest b. the greater c. greater d. greatest 449. ________ you want to invite, you may do so. a. whoever b. whomever c. whichever 450. “What may I order, mother?” “Order ________ you like, Tony.” a. whenever b. whichever d. whenever

c. whatever

d. however

451. “Now, Linda, you may choose ________ colour you like best.” a. however b. whichever c. whenever 452. “Has Cot recently visited you?” “No, but ________ he comes he will always be welcome.” a. however b. whatever c. wherever

d. whoever

d. whenever

453. Sandra is very frightened of getting wet; ________ she goes, she always carries her umbrella. a. wherever b. whomever c. however d. whichever 454. “Have you finished that job yet, Paul?” “Not yet, ________ but ________ long it takes, I’ll finish it!” a. wherever b. whichever c. however 455. “I’ll take ________ wants to go.” a. whomever b. whoever c. whichever

d. wherever d. wherever d. whichever d. wherever d. however d. However

456. The prize will go to ________ of them writes the best essay. a. whenever b. whoever c. whomever 457. It has the same result, ________ way you do it. a. however b. whichever c. whenever 458. I’ll telephone you from ________ I get to by tomorrow evening. a. wherever b. whenever c. whichever 459. ________ cold it is, she always goes swimming. a. Whenever b. Wherever c. Whichever

460. A handsome reward will be given to ________ finds the missing emerald. a. who b. whom c. anyone d. whoever 461. “________ you go you’ll find that people are people.” “You sound like someone with great experience in life.” a. Whichever b. Wherever c. Whatever 462. Our old dog will eat ________ anyone offers him. a. what b. whatever c. that

d. However d. whenever

463. “What did he say?” “________ they chose they would definitely be given the vacant post.” a. Whichever b. Whoever c. Whatever d. Whenever 464. “Should I tell the director and the manager about the rumour?” “________ you know should be kept in secret.” a. Whenever b. Whoever c. Whatever 465. “Who should I give it to?” “It doesn’t matter. Give it to ________ you like.”

d. Whichever

a. Whoever

b. Whatever

c. Whenever

d. Whomever

466. ________, punish him. a. Should anyone misbehave in class b. Anyone should misbehave in class c. Would anyone misbehave in class d. if anyone would misbehave in class 467. So badly ________ in the accident that he was detained in the hospital for treatment. a. did he injure b. was has injured c. he was injured d. he did injure 468. Rarely ________ true friendship in this world of imperfection. a. does a person find b. a person has found c. a person is found d. will not a person find 469. Scarcely ________ when he assassins shot him down. a. had he finished his election address b. were he finish his election address c. did his election address finish d. were his election address finished 470. ________ with whom we are familiar. a. Here the clown comes b. the clown comes here c. Here comes the clown d. Here should the clown come 471. On one side of the house ________. a. are three large French-style glass windows b. are there three large glass French-style window c. it has three glass large style-French windows d. it has three large glass windows with style-French 472. Only in the last few years ________ to improve the conditions of the blighted areas. a. anything has been done b. there is anything done c. has anything been done d. has done anything 473. Only by hard work and honesty ________. a. one can succeed in life b. can one succeed in life c. can one by succeeded in life d. will one be succeeded in life 474. “Do you want to use the tall or the short glasses?” “I like the ________.” a. short one b. short ones c. one is short 475. Do you have any books on embroidering? I want to borrow ________. a. one book b. another

d. glasses are short

c. one

d. the other

476. Two students are going to England next summer. ________ is a graduate student. ________ is an undergraduate. a. Another, The other one b. One, Other c. One, Another d. One, The other

477. ________ people like to live in the city, ________ prefer to live in the country. a. Many, the other people b. Some, others c. Some of the, others d. Other, the others 478. Some of the stories is this book are interesting, ________ are boring. a. other ones b. others c. the others d. another 479. Two of their sons always help ________. a. each other b. the other c. another one d. one another d. the others

480. Ted, Don and Ed helped ________ when they were at school. a. another b. any other c. the other 481. “Of these three books, two are about space travel.” “How about ________?” a. other b. another 482. I never gave it much thought one way or ________. a. other b. the other

c. the other c. another

d. one another d. others

483. The twins look exactly alike, one can’t be distinguished from ________. a. another b. each other c. the other d. other 484. The members of a community should try to help ________. a. each others b. other c. another 485. “Think of yourself, if not of ________.” “Thanks, but I don’t see any other way out.” a. others b. other d. one another

c. another

d. oneself

486. “How about the cars which are displayed in this showroom?” “I don’t think I like one of ________ better than ________ in the garage.” a. them – ones b. those – ones c. it – the one d. these – the ones 487. “There are only two seats left.” “Well, I don’t want to sit near the door, so I guess I’ll have to take ________.” a. the another one b. other one c. the other one d. another one 489. “Do you know that beautiful lady over there.” “Yes, that’s Wanida. She’s ________ in her group.” a. more beautiful than any girl b. more beautiful than any other girl c. so beautiful as other girl d. beautiful more than another girl 490. The weather in March is not in some countries, but cold in ________. a. another b. some ones c. the other d. the others 491. A man is either for me or ________. a. against me b. is against me c. he is against me d. to be against me

492. They fought like cats and ________. a. the dogs b. like the dogs

c. like dogs

d. dogs d. died

493. By his suffering and ________, he won a world. a. dying b. death c. dead 494. Martin ________ until he could eat no more. a. ate and eat c. ate and ate b. eats and ate d. ate and was eating

495. This is the lady who listens to the poor and ________. a. ministering to their wants b. ministers to their wants c. that ministering to their wants d. that ministered to their wants 496. To escape detection, the criminal ________. a. both changed his name and his address b. both changed his name and where he lives c. both changed with he is called and his address d. changed both his name and address 497.Walter would rather ________ a. work than playing c. to work than to play b. working than playing d. work than play

498. In the future, the discovery which will most change the lives of people, most affect the health of the world, and ________ the drug industry is the cure for this common cold. a. most change b. most changing c. with most change on d. most change of 499.When I stop to consider my ambitions, I realize my main goals consist of doing well in school, graduating, and ________. a. to make money b. making money c. to making money d. make money 500. The physician considers going to bed early to be more sensible________. a. but staying up late b. than to stay up late c. than staying up lately d. than staying up late 501. Although we have reason to believe otherwise, the editors believe they can write ________. a. as well as we do b. as well we do c. well as we do d. as well than we do 502. ________ nor the faculty appreciated her negative remarks. a. The administration b. Both the administration c. Neither the administration d. Either the administration 503. Why do you ask me ________ (request) advice? a. in b. of c. for d. after

504. Don’t back ________ (cease opposing) when threatened. a. up b. down c. off 505. I am all ________ (show support) peace with justice. a. for b. on c. at

d. away

d. with d. out

506.We should break ________ (destroy) the barriers between nations. a. down b. off c. away

507. When a firm goes bankrupt, some other firm will usually buy ________ (buy everything) the entire stock at fifteen percent of its value. a. in b. for c. out d. up 508. The race was called ________ (cancelled) because of rain. a. in b. for c. off d. away

509. If both parties carry ________ (fulfill) their parts of the contract, everyone will be happy. a. on b. out c. along d. with 510. The audience was carried ________ (persuaded) by Mark Antony’s oration at Caesar’s unreal. a. away b. along c. about d. out 511. May I cut ________ (intrude) this conversation? a. into b. in for c. upon d. through

512. The principal dealt ________ (distributed) the prizes on Speech Day. a. away b. out c. in d. with 513.The warlord fell ________ (attacked) the defenceless town. a. in b. into c. upon 514. I feel ________ (sympathize with) you in your grief. a. at b. for c. about 515. I don’t want to go ________ (experience) another bombing raid. a. for b. by c. through 516. The Chinese do not go ________ (withdraw from) their word. a. from b. out of c. up to 517. Birds of a feather keep ________ (associate) a. together b. with c. to d. to d. on d. off d. back on d. about d. off for

518. The bank teller made ________ (embezzled) $100000. a. away with b. down on c. out of

519. How do people arrange ________ furniture, if the room is very small? a. its b. his c. her d. their

520. Please ask ________ name. a. him, his b. her, hers

c. him, it

d. himself, his

521. The newspapers and magazines are full of illustrated advertisements and most of ________ are very well done. a. their b. its c. them d. ones 522. I have ________ guarantee with this watch. a. two year b. two years c. two year’s d. two years’ d. Her own, your d. you, me d. lend him mine d. my own d. her

523. ________ paper was well-written, but ________ was better. a. Her, yours b. Hers, yours c. Her, your 524. That scarf doesn’t belong to ________, it is ________ a. yours, mine b. your, my c. you, mine 525. He hasn’t got any records, so I will ________ a. borrow him them b. borrow them from him 526. They invited Gail and ________. a. I b. me 527. The house with brown doors is ________. a. she b. its c. lend me his

c. myself c. hers

528. If he listened to ________ words, he would understand ________ better. a. our, us b. himself, us c. our, our d. himself, him 529. The pupils heard the teacher’s voice, but ________ didn’t listen to what was being said. a. we b. you c. everyone d. they 530. That’s my blouse; ________ sleeves are long. a. it b. its c. my d. their

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