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Linenwalas Catalog

Linenwalas Catalog

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Published by Madhur Singhal

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Published by: Madhur Singhal on Oct 31, 2011
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Item Style no.


Premium 5 star quality mill made 550 gsm fully automotive looms towels TWL-001 Face towel – 50 30 cm x 30 cm 12”x12” 23 Rs. Hand towel40 cm x 65 cm 16”x24” 65 Rs. Bath towel – 75 cm x 150 cm 30”x60” 285Rs. Bath sheet – 90 cm x 180 cm 36”x72” 325Rs. Bath mat – 45 cm x 75 cm 20”x30” 140 Rs.


36”x72” 850 grams 350 Rs. .Item Specification Price Pool towels Premium quality mill made by fully automatic 90 cm x 180 cm .

Specification Price Terry bathrobe 800/- Bathrobes TWL-RB1 Velour bathrobe 950/- Waffle bathrobe 600/- .Item Style no.

Item Specification Price Terry towel slippers One size 35 Rs. .

based on size .Item Specification Price Water resistant curtains As per requirement 500 – 1000 Rs.

Item Style no. Size Plain and stripes bedsheets and pillow covers in premium quality cotton Single bedsheet 300 TC 60”x90” 150cmx228cm 280Rs. 80 Rs Price (stripes) Price (plains) . 270 Rs BDSHT-001 Double bedsheet 300 TC 90”x108” 228cmx275cm 450Rs 435Rs Pillow cover 300 TC 18”x27” 45cmx67cm 85 Rs.

.Item Specification Price Pillow inserts Soft and spongee 18”x27” 20”x30” 350 Rs. 425 Rs.

Size Satin border soft blankets (Around 200 gsm) BLKT-003 Single – Single – 150cmx225cm 225cmx225cm 380 575 Rs. .Item Style no.

honeycomb BLKT-002 Twin Queen (66”x90”) (90”x108”) 795 Rs.Item Style no. Size Price Premium cotton blankets in luxury weaves like – Herringbone. . waffle. 1495 Rs.


Item Style Price 4 side elastic mattress protectors MATPRO001 Single(36’’x78’’)=650 Double(72’’x78’’)=95 Rs 0 Rs Single(40’’x78’’)=700 Double(78’’x78’’)= Rs 1050 Rs .

Specification Cotton Duvet inserts / Quilts DUV-001 Single Double 60”x90” 90”x90” 995 Rs 1195 Rs .Item Style no.

.Item Style no. Specification Price Fine cotton duvet/quilt covers DUCVR-001 Single Double 61”x91” 91”x91” 695 Rs. 995 Rs.

Specificati on Table napkins and table covers – Damask. Ivy leaves TBL-001 10”x10” 12”x12” 21”x21”(Dam 21”X21”(satin Caterer’s Bar Napkins ask) Band) Napkins Napkins Napkins .Item Style no. Satin band.

Item Table covers in Jacquard designs . 45 Rs.Price 14 Rs. 16 Rs. 50 Rs.

Price as per size .Specification Price For square. rectangle and round tables 63”x65” Other sizes 450 Rs.

Item Housekeeping items – Hotel’s logo can be done for an extra cost of 1 Rs./pc .

0 Shower cap 3.0 Clear soap 6.0 Dental kit 3.0 Conditione r 6.0 Shaving kit 12.0 Shoe shiner 6 Bath gel 6.Specificati on Price Specificati on Price Specificati on Price Moisturiz er 6.0 Toilet roll 12.0 Sewing kit 3.0 Loofa scrub 13.0 Guest soap 4.0 .0 Dental kit 12.0 Comb 4.5 Shampoo 6.

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