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I took the following classes at Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY Morrisville, and SUNY Plattsburgh:

ANT 102: Comparative Cultures BIO100: Introduction to Biology GEG 121: Human Geography HED 310: Foundations of Personal Health GWS 319: Women and Popular Culture LIB 105: Introduction to Information and Technology Literacy EDR 524: Literacy Instruction in the Content Areas in Grades 7-12 EDU 280: Introduction to Adolescence Education EDU 500: Education in Contemporary Society EDU 509: Curriculum Development- Middle/Secondary School EDU 537: Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom MAT 101: Elementary College Mathematics EDU 578: Psychological Aspects of Classroom Instruction ENG 101: College Writing II ENG 163: Introduction to Film and Literature ENG 195: Literary Study I ENG 196: Literary Study II ENG 250: History of Western World Literature I ENG 270: Introduction to African American Literature ENG 297: Foundations of English Language ENG 301: Expository Writing ENG 305: Teaching Writing to Adolescents ENG 338: Utopias in Literature ENG343: American Literature from the Civil War to World War I ENG355: Greek Drama in Translation ENG 364: Shakespeare ENG 375: Literature for Classroom Teachers MAT XXX: Real World Math (Hudson Valley Community College) MAT 161: Statistics PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology SOC 150: Introduction to Criminal Justice THE: 110 Introduction to Theatre ENG389: Major Authors and Their Craft: Herman Melville ENG439: Topical Studies in American Literature ENG 449: Topical Studies in British Literature ENV 101: Introduction to Environmental Science FRE 111: Elementary French I FRE 112: Elementary French II HIS102: United States Civilization Since 1877 HIS 122: European Civilization to 1815 JOU 110: Introduction to Journalism JOU 206: Introduction to News Writing JOU 204: United States Press History JOUXXX: News Editing (SUNY Morrisville)