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Graddip App Form

Graddip App Form

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Tertiary Institutions Service Centre

Applications close 12 noon, Wednesday 9 November 2011
Before submitting make sure you: • Detach the general information (white) pages from the centre of this booklet. Keep this information for your reference and make a note of your preferences also. • Attach all necessary documentation. Be aware there is a separate document fee of $33 for documents submitted separately from the application form. • Read and sign the declaration. Unsigned applications cannot be accepted.

Include the correct fee and/or fully complete the credit card authority including the cardholder’s name and signature.

Submit the completed form to: Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (Inc). 100 Royal Street EAST PERTH WA 6004 Tel: (08) 9318 8000 Office hours: 9.00am – 4.30pm (Monday to Friday)

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin? No 2 Aboriginal 3 Torres Strait Islander 4 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 5 Office use only 5.ALL DETAILS MUST BE PROVIDED – incomplete applications will not be considered Before completing this application form. Postcode or Overseas Zip Code Office use only Telephone and email Home Mobile Business Area Code Work Area Code Email (TISC may use email to contact you. but didn’t complete Year 12 schooling * Completed Year 10 schooling * Didn’t complete Year 10 schooling * Don’t know *or equivalent Office use only . Language at home Office use only 4. masters degree. Title (Mr/Mrs/etc) First given name Surname/Family name Second given name Birth date Day Month Year Gender (M/F) Former surname(s)/Family name(s) Notification address Street address or PO Box Number Suburb or Town Aust. State or Overseas Country Aust. if necessary) Permanent home address (if different from notification address) Street address. Postcode or Overseas Zip Code Office use only 2. advanced diploma. Education level of your parents or guardians Male (M) Female (F) or No parent/guardian (NO) (CIRCLE ONE) Parent/ guardian 1 M / F / NO Parent/ guardian 2 M / F / NO What is the highest level of education completed by your parent(s)/guardian(s)? CROSS APPROPRIATE BOX(ES) Postgraduate qualification (eg graduate diploma. not PO Box Number Suburb or Town Aust. continued at school. diploma. completed apprenticeship. Citizenship and residency status and country of birth (i) Australian citizen 1 New Zealand citizen 2 Approved for/holder of Aust permanent resident Visa 3 Holder of Aust permanent humanitarian Visa 8 None of these Office use only 4 (ii) Country of birth (specify) (iii) Date of first arrival in Australia Day Month Year (iv) Date permanent residence approved/granted (if later) Day Month Year 3. VET/TAFE certificate) Completed Year 12 schooling * Completed Year 10 schooling. PhD) Bachelor degree Other post-school qualification (eg associate degree. State or Overseas Country Aust. read the section “Instructions for Completing The Application Form” (page 1) 1.

the official records department of the original issuing institution. and have the options of listing all preferences for one university. 2(iii): If you were not born in Australia. Secondary Teaching Your undergraduate degree must be relevant to the field of teaching specialisation you choose (both major and minor).gov. Wednesday 9 November 2011. On completion of the Graduate Diploma in Education. Question 3: Language at Home If you speak a language other than English at your permanent home residence. Notification Address and Permanent Home Location: Print your notification address for the period October to December 2011. Questions 2 and 3 are asked for the same purpose. If you have changed your name since you gained any of your qualifications you must supply either original or properly certified# documentary evidence (eg marriage certificate or registration through deed poll) that shows all the changes involved. safety and duty of care of children in schools. TISC accepts photocopies certified by TISC. certified. * Available only through Murdoch University. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE APPLICATION FORM Remove the white pages from inside the application form. where the victim was under 18 years of age or elderly. 4. and qualified applicants may not necessarily receive an offer. you should contact the Screening Policy Officer at the Department of Education on (08) 9264 4391. Education authorities have the legal right to exclude people from school premises.au/screening.wa. You need to contact the International Students Office at the University concerned for further information regarding application procedures. Original documents will be photocopied at TISC. Teacher Suitability – Department of Education Policy Because of its responsibility for the education. Application for Working with Children Check The Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 aims to protect children from harm by introducing a high standard of compulsory national criminal record checking for people wishing to do paid. the teaching profession demands the highest professional standards and personal ethics from practitioners. There is a cost involved in obtaining this check. or 2. oral and interpretation) determined by the Western Australian College of Teaching (WACOT). Each university ranks first preference applicants for each course. or email screening@det. not TISC. print the day.det. restrictions and the detailed content of courses at individual universities see pages 2 . Where your permanent home location is different from your notification address. then returned to the applicant by mail. month and year you first arrived. graduates are eligible to apply for registration to teach in government and non-government schools. Processing of your application will be delayed without this information. If you choose ‘None of these’. . see Instructions for Completing the Application Form. 2. Documentary Evidence All supporting documents must be submitted with the application form at the time of lodgement. For further information. TISC acts only as the clearing house for applications. Applicants will receive only one offer. after offers have been made. Criminal history is not disclosed to universities by the Department. The Department of Education and cooperating non-government schools have the right to determine ‘fit and proper persons’ to enter and practise in schools. These courses require one year of fulltime or equivalent part-time (or external*) study and. including your current name. The universities require an overall score of 7. for dealing or trafficking in drugs. This information is required by the universities for reporting to Federal Government agencies for statistical purposes when and if your application is successful. please print the day. No other type of criminal record check will be accepted. you are classed as an international student and should apply to the universities directly.wa. If. Please do not submit documentation in bound format. However. 2(iv): If you were already in Australia when permanent residency was granted.GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN EDUCATION 2012 GENERAL INFORMATION Graduate Diploma in Education courses are available at all four public universities in Western Australia for applicants with an approved undergraduate degree or equivalent. for further enquiries. The selection process commences once applications close. For more information contact TISC on (08) 9318 8000. In 2012. English Competency For entry into the Graduate Diploma in Education if your qualifications were taught in a language other than English. unpaid or volunteer work with children in Western Australia. if any. writing and reading).edu. Note: For students applying for courses at Edith Cowan University please refer to the Special English Entry Requirements on page 3. Students considering possible employment in Western Australia after graduation from this award should refer to the WACOT website: www. most students seek employment with the Department of Education. Residency Status and Country of Birth 2(i): Cross the appropriate box. SATAC. For further information on the Working with Children Act. Overseas Applicants The universities offer full fee-paying places to applicants who are not Australian or New Zealand citizens nor permanent residents of Australia. month and year it was granted. on a confidential basis. For further information about this requirement. You should be aware that a criminal record does not necessarily preclude you from future employment as a teacher. then this information may be placed on a confidential database held by the Department and made available to other education authorities. The procedure is repeated for third preferences. you will need to sit the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic version in Western Australia and must provide documentary evidence that you have met the English requirements with your TISC application. To accept this offer. You do not apply through TISC. you should note that course units may only be available during the day and that teaching practice requires full-time attendance. Contact the universities.edu.wa. JP certification and a number of other authorising officers. or 3.4. the department requires all prospective teachers to demonstrate English language proficiency (written. 1 # For certification requirements.au. all applicants offered a place in teacher education courses must obtain a criminal record check through the Department of Education’s Criminal Record Screening system.5 or above with no score below 7 in each of the four components (speaking. or 4. and is destroyed once suitability has been established. UAC or VTAC. there is a deadline by which you must act or the offer will lapse. An application for a Working with Children Check is made through Australia Post agencies. print your previous surname/family name(s) (separate by a slash if more than one). Further details about obtaining the compulsory Department of Education’s criminal record check will be sent to successful applicants with their offer letter. of a violent or sexual nature. Fees Application processing fee: $50 Change of preference fee: $33 Separate document fee: $33 All fees are payable up front. contact the university concerned. You can apply for up to three courses. 2(ii): Print your country of birth. Offers are made to applicants around mid-December. on completion.au. for the purposes of their practicum. Note: Selection for the Graduate Diploma in Education is highly competitive. and a decision to offer is made on the basis of this ranking and the number of places available. Applicants wishing to apply after the closing date must approach the universities direct. As the major employer of teachers in Western Australia. See page 4 for availability. Question 6. listening. Universities require this special criminal record check to be done as soon as possible after enrolment. Those applicants who will not receive an offer on their first preference are then considered in the same way for their second preference if vacancies in that particular course remain. Question 2: Citizenship. For these reasons. This power will be exercised in cases of serious or frequent criminal conviction and may also be exercised in cases where children are thought to be at risk for any reason. If you receive an offer.edu. or 5 above which subsequently precludes your employment as a teacher.wa. or 5. 3. the Admissions Office of any of the participating institutions. Application deadlines The closing date for applications is 12 noon. you have any queries about why you have or have not been made a particular offer. If you are an overseas student you should not use the form in this brochure. clearly print it in the space provided. QTAC. For information relating to selection procedures. Do not use a post box address. print the address. and follow the instructions below: Question 1: Personal Details Former Surname: If your surname/family name has changed.wacot. education students who are going to be working with children within the ages of 0-17 will require a Working with Children Check. and are non-refundable. Change of Preferences Change of preferences must be made in writing by Monday 21 November 2011. otherwise a $33 separate document fee will apply. All correspondence from the universities will be sent to this address.checkwwc. involving fraud. the Department of Education’s has advised that convictions: 1.au. You should be aware that if you apply for a criminal record check and do in fact have a conviction relating to any of the offences such as 1. The application form is available at http://www. TISC may contact you via email during the application process if necessary. see website: www. The IELTS exams are conducted by The University of Western Australia (08) 6488 2904 and the Perth Institute of Business and Technology (08) 6279 1100. see Documentary Evidence on this page. you will need to follow the instructions sent with the offer. or across several. Method of Study If you intend studying part-time. Documents must be originals or correctly certified photocopies. National Police Certificates are not acceptable. Make sure that your first preference is your favoured option. any offence which results in a jail sentence are likely to lead to refusal to undertake employment or practice teaching regardless of when the offence(s) was committed.

As a guide. If you fail to provide us with information that we request it may delay consideration of your application for university or jeopardise your chance of gaining a place. Collection The information we collect as part of the application process enables TISC and member universities to assess in a reliable. The minor you choose should constitute approximately one sixth of your degree studies. cross the ‘Yes’ box and print the year in which you completed. If your qualifications are written in a language other than English. These may include: • Member universities • Australian Tertiary Admission Centres • Educational institutions attended by you • State government education authorities • Commonwealth Department of Education. Method of Study (MOS): Print one MOS code for each course you list as a preference. Do not use the same major and minor code for the same course. Institution Code: Print the Institution code for each course you list. This is essential for those institutions from which TISC will obtain your academic records directly. valid and equitable manner an application from you for a university place and facilitates research into matters relating to secondary or higher education. as places are subject to quotas. Year last enrolled: Print the calendar year you were last enrolled. To assist member universities with enrolments and/or special programs. Completing course 2011: Cross the appropriate box to indicate whether or not you anticipate completing your course in 2011. Question 10: Credit/Advanced Standing If you are seeking consideration for credit for incomplete previous studies in education. Documents attached: You may have to attach documents as proof of study at some institutions (see back of application form). we will endeavour to collect any Australian university results direct from the institution concerned. Diploma. Question 7: Tertiary Education To be eligible. EM03C. answer about those you spent the most time with. • For the Secondary courses (ie CT03C. Your degree parchment itself is not sufficient. leave the Institution Code box blank. If this is not possible you will be requested to submit a statement of academic record. and should outline: • Why you want to pursue a career in teaching. A declaration must be included at the bottom of the page. or log on to the NAATI website: www. Note: Examination results slips are not acceptable.) Question 9: Resumé and Personal Statement Resumé You must submit a resumé of work experience to support your application (maximum 2 pages). Use the course codes listed on page 4 when completing this section. ethnicity and parental educational attainment. eg Certificate IV. were your parents or guardians. Currently enrolled: Cross the appropriate box to indicate whether or not you are currently enrolled. but make sure that you have clearly indicated the name of your academic institution in the Institution box. and truthfully addresses the requested criteria. E – External part-time. It will not be used by TISC or the universities in the assessment of your application for admission. and upon enrolment in the Graduate Diploma in Education course. as well as the original language transcript of studies showing the subjects and results. • Applicants to the School Psychology course (UW06C) do not require a major. cross the ‘Yes’ box and provide full details of all courses attempted. Please choose preferences carefully. as the lack of information about individual subject results could lead to an offer not being made. having read and accepted the declaration. see Documentary Evidence on page 1. a $33 separate document fee applies. Question 6: Choice of Courses Course Code: It is not necessary to list three preferences/courses. recreation or personal enrichment courses are not required. (Optional) Question 5: Education level of your parents or guardians The Australian Government Department of Education. print and sign the template. Last year enrolled: Print the calendar year you were last enrolled. For those institutions not listed. Invalid MOS codes will be changed to full-time. interstate or overseas. Details of leisure. Question 8: Other Education 8(i): If you have completed secondary schooling at Year 12 or equivalent level in WA. Institution codes are listed on the back of the application form. MT03C. Under parent/guardian 1 and parent/guardian 2 circle to indicate whether they are Male (M). Applications must be personally signed or accompanied by your letter of authority (signed by both parties) if completed by a third party. Associate Diploma. P – Internal parttime. Question 11: Declaration and Signature It is a legal requirement that you sign and date the application form. Also refer to the English Competency section on page 1 under General Information. Course: Print the name of the course. Employment and Workplace Relations requires this information to be collected for statistical purposes. TISC will also collect information such as languages spoken at home. Type: Print the type of course. EJ03C. telephone The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (08) 9472 3588. Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) 2 . applicants must have qualified for a degree or equivalent. It must be your own work.Question 4: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Applicants Cross the appropriate box. Most of the information we collect is obtained directly from you.au. Student number: Print your student number. Masters. Applicants to this course are advised that successful selection requires. cross the ‘Yes’ box and provide the name and year the qualification was attained. Institution: Print the name of the Institution. Codes may not be repeated. Female (F) or No parent/guardian (NO). A letter of authority for another to act on your behalf is also required if you will be absent during the admission process. you will need to submit an official transcript of academic record and proof of course completion (if applicable) # with your application form.com. Cross the appropriate box corresponding to each parent/guardian’s highest level of education completed. and my academic record annotated accordingly. • For Secondary Teaching applicants only: If your degree was completed five or more years ago. If TISC has to request these documents. if not. Please refer to Part-time and External Study in the Murdoch University section on page 3. UW03C) you must indicate a valid major and may indicate a minor from those listed. A printable template of the Personal Statement is available on the TISC website. Disclosure The information we hold about you may be disclosed to a number of other organisations in the course of our business. Associate Diploma. Course completed: Cross the appropriate box to indicate whether or not you have already completed your course. and as required by various government departments from time to time. EB02C & MT02C) do not require a major or minor. stating: ’I declare that this statement is my own work. 8(ii): If you have commenced any study at a State Training Provider (formerly TAFE) or Technical College. Applicants holding overseas qualifications: It is essential that you approach your home institution for your academic record if it is not already in your possession. The purpose is to convince the selection panel that you should be offered a place. you should nominate every course that you are prepared to undertake. during all (or most) of your school years. For NAATI contact information. 8(iii): If you have any other qualifications or certificates of attainment/competence. Type: Print the type of course. You are not required to supply documentation of this study. Academic Documents: TISC will try to obtain your academic record direct from those institutions listed individually by name on the back of the application form. Applications without the Resumé and signed and declared Personal Statement will not be considered.’ This declaration must then be signed and dated. Course/Major/Minor: • Early Childhood and Primary courses (ie EM01C. as any change of preference will incur a fee of $33. 7(i): If you are currently enrolled and/or have been enrolled previously at a tertiary institution. • Why you think you will succeed in the course. explain how you have kept up to date in the field in which you plan to teach. your application cannot be considered and will be returned to you. but should indicate a minor area of specialisation. Complete. • How you consider your past studies and experience to date will be of assistance to you in teaching (including any work experience). the major you choose for teaching should be the same as your undergraduate major. Applicants for external study at Murdoch University must submit an additional statement. Please enter State Training Provider (formerly TAFE) study at Question 8 (ii). a completed four year degree in Psychology. cross the ‘No’ box. if it is proved that I was offered a place based on false or misleading evidence. you should explain the circumstances for your poor performance and why you believe your future academic performance will be more successful. If you are attaching documents cross the ‘Yes’ box. This information is for statistical purposes. If this is not done. Privacy Statement TISC has a firm commitment to privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the National Privacy Principles. Answering this question is optional. Please refer to the Murdoch section for information on External Study at Murdoch. Emailed personal statements will not be accepted. hobby. eg Bachelors. (Include STAT results. Course completed: Cross the appropriate box to indicate whether or not you have already completed the course. However. 7(ii): Applicants who are currently enrolled at a tertiary institution must indicate their enrolment for second semester. Personal Statement You must submit a Personal Statement with your application. I understand that my enrolment may be cancelled. cross the appropriate box. a NAATI certified and stamped translation of all documents must be provided.naati. and the original language award certificate. If your previous progress at tertiary level study has been unsatisfactory. EM02C. # For certification requirements. Completing Course 2011: Cross the appropriate box to indicate whether you anticipate completing the course in 2011. Nurses Registration etc. place of birth. provide proof of eligibility to graduate. However. Where your institution does not have a separate code. as a minimum. This statement is to be no longer than 500 words. cross the ‘Yes’ box and provide complete details of all courses attempted. F – Internal full-time. Please answer about the people (up to two) who. If you have more than two.

edu. or Secondary.handbook. Students should expect to be on campus Monday to Friday for two weeks.5 (no individual band less than 7) or a TOEFL minimum score of 600 including TWE of 5. middle and upper primary. the UK or the USA. Please ring 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624) or email admissions@murdoch. Dishonoured cheques or invalid credit card details will result in an application being withdrawn by TISC. Other school-based activities occur throughout the course. • Professional Studies During each semester students undertake units of education studies giving a grounding in education theory and practice. Do not send cash in the mail. • If secondary education and degree studies were completed in Australia.edu. Special English Entry Requirements – All applicants’ resumés should highlight secondary schooling and undergraduate degree as proof of English. Access Under the terms of the Privacy Act 1988 and the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 you may access the personal information about you held by us. Building 1 Tel: 134 ECU (134 328) Email: futurestudy@ecu. however. plus full days during school experience component. commences on 23 January 2012 for full-time students. LOTE (Languages other than English) is also available within the primary stream. subject to exemptions in some circumstances under the Act. Further Studies Diploma holders are eligible for admission to postgraduate courses within the Faculty of Education. Canada. The remainder is organised in full-time blocks of one to five weeks in school.edu. a letter confirming the entire program was taught in English must be provided.• Mailing houses to whom TISC contracts despatch of correspondence Personal information about you will not be disclosed to third parties unless: • You have authorised its release • TISC is required by law or legal action to provide the information • Disclosure is necessary to prevent or lessen a serious or imminent threat to your life or health or that of another person. part of which is completed concurrently with university lectures. Part-time and External Study Not all required units in the Graduate Diploma in Education are offered completely externally. Teaching and learning theories and strategies and classroom management are studied in the context of teaching methodology and the school experience program.reachyourpotential. Fields of Teaching Specialisation See page 4 for a list of secondary major and minor learning areas available. Students can do a voluntary teaching practice in a variety of school settings. Professional Studies Core units in both semesters integrate education theory and practice. Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) Mt Lawley Campus – Code EM02C Southwest Campus (Bunbury) – Code EB02C Available full-time or part-time This course is directed specifically towards primary teaching. If you require further information about the Privacy Act contact the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner or visit www. The selection of a teaching specialisation (major/minor) should be based on the content studied in the Bachelors degree. Classes have a practical focus and are interactive.tisc. students spend 12 weeks on school experience in blocks of two to seven weeks at a particular school.au Web: www. Ireland.5 (no individual band to be less than 7. During the year. School Experience Both the primary and secondary streams involve 12 weeks of school experience. • All other applicants. Course entry requirements/prerequisites A Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification from a recognised institution. students may apply for entry to postgraduate studies leading to the degree of Master of Education.gov. Building 18 Mount Lawley. as well as relevant curriculum units. Graduate Diploma in Education (Tertiary and Adult Teaching) Murdoch University also offers this course of study and applicants should apply direct to Murdoch University (not through TISC). must provide evidence of a satisfactory English language result . Applicants may be required to attend an interview. School Experience A special feature of this course is the significant school experience component organised concurrently with lectures and seminars on early childhood pedagogy. Students complete the equivalent of 12 weeks practicum over the year. available on the TISC website (www. English Entry Requirements • Students must provide evidence they have completed their secondary schooling in an English speaking environment AND must provide evidence they have completed an undergraduate degree in an English speaking environment. New Zealand.au). closely supervised by Murdoch and school staff. in public libraries. available online (www. Building 3 Bunbury. Further Studies Upon completion of the Graduate Diploma of Education. part-time) and externally (part-time) The 4 week introductory unit. You will be advised of the outcome of your request within fourteen days of its receipt.au). Primary.edu. • Applicants who have completed their secondary education in South Africa in English and have an undergraduate degree taught in English from a South African University are also deemed to have met the English language requirements for entry. School Experience The emphasis on school experience in this program provides opportunities for extensive practical teaching which also familiarises students with the broader aspects of the education system. It combines education and curriculum studies to enable graduates to teach across all learning areas in junior. Please refer to the Murdoch University handbook. Payment should be in Australian dollars. Compulsory full time attendance is required during teaching practice. working closely with university and school staff. Early Childhood Studies.print. East Perth 6004. applicants do not need to provide additional proof of English competency. or from the University Bookshop. OR Applicants must provide a satisfactory English language result such as the IELTS Academic test at an overall band score of 7. You may make such a request in writing to the Executive Officer of TISC at 100 Royal Street. They also have experience in schools integrated with the Teaching Studies unit. Applications received without the appropriate fee will be returned by mail to the notification address without being processed. Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary) Mt Lawley Campus – Code EM03C Joondalup Campus – Code EJ03C Available full-time or part-time (not evening) This course qualifies graduates to teach in a major and minor curriculum area of the secondary curriculum in middle and secondary schools. See page 4 for a list of major and minor learning areas available. Student Recruitment Joondalup. 3 . Application Processing Fee Complete the appropriate boxes to indicate your method of payment. Applicants for external study must complete the External Statement declaration.0) or a TOEFL minimum score of 625 including Test of Written English (TWE) of 5. EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood Studies) Mt Lawley Campus – Code EM01C Available full-time or part-time This course combines education and curriculum studies to enable graduates to teach children aged 3 to 8 years in the full range of early childhood settings.au. Some are offered as short term sessions on-campus or in Perth metropolitan schools. Fields of Teaching Specialisation Students take two semester units of curriculum and instruction in their major area and one semester unit in their minor area. Applicants may be required to attend an interview.such as the Academic IELTS with an overall score of 7.privacy.0 or better or Pearson English Test 78 with no score less than 73. EDN1121 – Understanding Teachers’ Work.au MURDOCH UNIVERSITY Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Code MT02C Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) Code MT03C Available internally (full-time. CURTIN UNIVERSITY Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) Code CT03C Available full-time or part-time School Experience During the year students spend a total of 10-12 weeks divided between two different schools to complete the field experience component.murdoch. Part-time students may also enrol in this unit at this time. School Experience During the year students spend 12 weeks on school experience. They will attend distributed days in early childhood classrooms leading up to a block period each semester.au for more information and application closing date.com. Fields of Teaching Specialisation See page 4 for a list of major and minor learning areas available.

Two elective units are selected from a range of units giving philosophical.edu. historical. Politics) Major teaching areas only Languages other than English (LOTE) including Asian Languages Minor teaching areas only Instrumental Music # Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Secondary – Joondalup Campus ^ Major and Minor teaching areas Home Economics Mathematics Physical Education Science (Physical or Biological) Minor teaching area only Health ^ Students may select a minor from either campus. administrative. act and then reflect on the whole process in seminar discussion.au or visit www. COURSE AND SECONDARY TEACHING MAJOR/MINOR CODES CURTIN UNIVERSITY Secondary – Bentley Campus* Major and Minor teaching areas Agriculture English Languages Mathematics Science Social Science Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) The Arts Vocational Education and Training MOS F. Further Information For more information about the Graduate Diploma in Education structure please ring the Student Centre on 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624) or email admissions@murdoch. P CODE EM01C EM02C EB02C EM03C ART CSE DED DTE DRM ENG MED MUS SSC LOT MUE TES EJ03C HEE MAT PHE SCI HED TES THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA School Psychology Secondary Major or Minor teaching areas Art English Information and Communication Technology Mathematics Music Languages Other than English (LOTE) Science (Physical or Biological) Society and Environment (incl Economics.edu.curtin. Applicants should apply direct to Murdoch University (not through TISC). pre-service teachers are regularly placed in situations in which they must theorise.au. For further information please ring 1300 MURDOCH (1300 687 3624) or email admissions@murdoch.au. sociological. P E F. Teaching and Learning Perspectives. statistical. Geography. For applications to be considered in conjunction with the Graduate Diploma in Education. Competencies for Teachers and Aboriginal Education. History. Geography. Inclusive Classrooms. Legal Studies. School Experience The course includes 12 weeks of school experience.au. they should be received by Murdoch on or before Wednesday 9 November 2011.uwa. P CODE UW06C UW03C ART ENG ICT MAT MUS LOT SCI SSC TES PHE VOC SPE 4 . Sociology and Anthropology) Teaching English to Speakers of a Second Language (TESOL) MOS External Internal E F. # Only available if Music (MUS) is major. History. international. Professional Studies This integrated course focuses on School Experience through a process of critical reflection supported by the core units: Curriculum Studies.edu. students may complete a Master of Education by course work plus dissertation.au EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY MOS Early Childhood – Mt Lawley Campus F. Further Information Consult the Faculty of Education Handbook available from the University Bookshop or online for details of courses and Faculty Regulations. remedial and rural perspectives. Masters or Doctoral levels. Ancient History. P Primary – Southwest Campus (Bunbury) F.Bachelor of Education (Graduate) Applicants who have a recognised undergraduate degree may complete the Bachelor of Education (Graduate) Primary or Secondary course in a minimum of two years full-time or part-time equivalent. P CODE CT03C AGR ENG LOT MAT SCI SSC TES ARD VET MURDOCH UNIVERSITY Primary Secondary Major or Minor teaching areas Languages other than English (LOTE) Drama English Mathematics Media Science (Physical or Biological) Society and Environment (incl Economics. F. Career Education or Special Education as their minor curriculum area. Graduates with only one teaching area may enrol in Information and Communication Technology. Students who complete the Master of Education (Research) also have access to higher degree study through the Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy. THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) Code UW03C Graduate Diploma in Education (School Psychology) Code UW06C Available full-time (Part-time enrolments may be negotiated with the course coordinator) The courses commence on 27 February 2012. P CODE MT02C MT03C LOT DRM ENG MAT MED SCI SSC (*For further information please phone the University Admission Centre on 08 9266 7805) Further course information is available at: http://handbook. Fields of Teaching Specialisation See below for a list of secondary major and minor learning areas available. Law. In first semester. P Major and Minor teaching areas Art Computing Education Dance Design and Technology Drama English Media Music Social Science (incl Economics. Course enquiries may be directed to the Administrative Officer on (08) 6488 2388. P F. email gse@uwa. Geography.edu. P Primary – Mt Lawley Campus F.education. Further Studies On completion of the Diploma. Politics. History.edu. P Secondary – Mt Lawley Campus ^ F. Further Studies The units in the Graduate Diploma in Education course introduce students to the prospect of further professional studies at postgraduate Bachelors. Politics) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Major teaching area only Physical and Health Education Minor teaching areas only Career Education Special Education MOS F.

associate diploma. enter below full details of all courses attempted. I declare that I have read the instructions for completing the application form including the privacy statement and that the information provided by me in connection with this application is true and complete. Interstate or Overseas? If ‘Yes’. and/or (iii) other collections as DEEWR. 2. receive. (c) other admissions centres and educational institutions. Other Education (i) Have you completed studies at Year 12 level in WA. the members of the Australasian Conference of Tertiary Admissions Centres (ACTAC). diploma.) If ‘Yes’. Tertiary Education (i) Are you currently enrolled and/or have you ever been enrolled in a diploma. supply the year in which you completed. 11. I understand that the universities reserve the right to vary or reverse at any time any decision regarding admission or enrolment made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information. Choice of Courses PREFERENCE ORDER 1st 2nd 3rd (Do not repeat course codes) COURSE METHOD CODE OF STUDY COURSE SECONDARY CODE ONLY MAJOR MINOR UNIVERSITY 7. Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). Office use only 8. supply details No Year No Yes Yes Year last enrolled Type (eg Cert IV. Year last enrolled Institution Code No Yes Institution Course (eg Science) Type (eg Bachelor) Currently Course Completing enrolled completed course 2011 No Yes No Yes No Yes Student number Documents attached No Yes (ii) If you are enrolled in Semester 2. Signature Date / / . associate degree. bachelor’s degree or postgraduate course at a tertiary institution? If ‘Yes’. I agree that any information made available or obtained in connection with this application may be made available to (a) the universities listed on the front of the application form. and/or (ii) use in connection with the National Data Collection on University Applications and Offers. for the purpose of: (i) use in connection with the Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS). Credit/advanced standing Do you wish to be considered for credit for incomplete previous studies in education? No Yes Declaration and Signature 1. (ii) Are you currently enrolled and/or have you ever been enrolled in a certificate level. 5. may lawfully require from time-to-time. or its successor.6. or its successor. 6. supply details Name of qualification/course Year obtained No Yes 9. transfer and use this information. store. 3. Universities Australia member institutions. Nurses registration etc. I authorise TISC and all participating universities to collect. 4. 2011 please list the subjects that you are studying. Resumé and Personal Statement Have you submitted the required resumé and signed and declared personal statement providing relevant experience to support your application? (See instructions for completing these forms) Have you submitted an additional statement if you listed external study at Murdoch as one of your preferences? No Yes No Yes 10. (b) such authorities and persons as are specifically approved by the Management Committee of the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre for such research purposes as are similarly approved. I understand that TISC may disclose the personal information I have given in this application to the Department of Education. If any information provided with and/or obtained in connection with this application or obtained by TISC at any other time is untrue or incomplete in any respect. I authorise disclosure of this information and the fact that it is untrue or incomplete to Universities Australia. and any other authority which TISC considers in its discretion necessary or desirable to inform. I authorise TISC and the universities listed on the front of the application form to obtain further official results/records from any educational institution attended by me. Advanced Diploma) Course completed No Yes Completing Course 2011 No Yes Office use only (iii) Do you have any other qualifications or certificate of attainment or competence (including STAT. associate diploma or advanced diploma course at a State Training Provider (formerly TAFE) college or Technical College? If ‘Yes’.

Application Processing Fee Applications submitted without the appropriate fee will be returned without being processed. You should be aware that many institutions will not release academic records to TISC if students have outstanding debts (ie parking. the universities or the universities’ officially appointed agents. CODE INSTITUTION Queensland – continued 2212 Queensland Institute of Technology 4325 Queensland Institute of Technology. It is relevant only for admission in 2012 and is subject to change without notice. to impose limitations on enrolment in any unit or program. You MUST provide originals or correctly certified photocopies for all study at institutions not listed.College of Fine Arts 3014 University of Newcastle 3040 University of Sydney N8039 University of Sydney. Note: You must submit a statement of academic record with your application. Processing Fee $50 $ Method of payment Cheque *Do not send cash by mail Applicant’s name Credit card authority Please charge my Cardholder’s name (as printed on card) Money order Cash* Credit card (authority below) $ MASTER VISA Card account with the amount of My card number is Cardholder’s signature Expiry Date INSTITUTION CODES Use the following codes when answering Question 7. Hawkesbury N7804 University of Western Sydney. Sydney 3004 University of Western Sydney 2114 University of Western Sydney. library fines). Enquiries regarding university admission requirements should be directed to the individual universities concerned. Institute of Early Childhood Development V7964 Swinburne Institute of Technology 2177 Swinburne University of Technology 2154 University of Ballarat 3036 University of Melbourne (The) 3007 Victoria University 2179 Victorian College of Agriculture and Horticulture 2180 Victorian College of the Arts Western Australia 4228 Churchlands College 4229 Claremont Teachers College 2236 Curtin University 2235 Edith Cowan University 4231 Graylands Teachers College 4232 Mount Lawley College 1034 Murdoch University 4233 Muresk Institute 4234 Nedlands College 1055 University of Western Australia (The) W7988 Western Australian College of Advanced Education W7994 Western Australian Institute of Technology 4237 Western Australian School of Mines CODE INSTITUTION Open Universities Australia 3037 Open Universities (formerly Open Learning) Australian Capital Territory A8026 Australian Catholic University – ACT 1064 Australian Defence Force Academy 3033 Australian National University A7939 Canberra College of Advanced Education 2284 Canberra Institute of the Arts 2244 Canberra School of Art 2245 Canberra School of Music 2242 Signadou College of Education 2241 University of Canberra New South Wales 2102 Armidale College of Advanced Education N8024 Australian Catholic University – NSW 3005 Charles Sturt University N7802 Charles Sturt University – Albury/Murray N7801 Charles Sturt University – Bathurst/Mitchell N8041 Charles Sturt University – Orange N7803 Charles Sturt University – Wagga Wagga/Riverina 2109 Cumberland College of Health Sciences N7949 Hawkesbury Agricultural College 3025 Macquarie University N7960 Nepean College of Advanced Education 3038 Southern Cross University 3039 University of New England 3011 University of New England. You do not need to supply academic transcripts for studies undertaken at these institutions unless notified otherwise. to withdraw any unit of study or program which they offer. • • OFFICE USE ONLY CHECKED PUNCHED COPIED SENT DOCUMENTS RETURNED FORM . Gatton Campus Q8019 University College of Central Queensland Q8020 University College of Southern Queensland 2201 University of Southern Queensland 3043 University of the Sunshine Coast South Australia 3029 Flinders University of South Australia 2223 South Australian College of Advanced Education 3010 University of Adelaide 3027 University of South Australia Tasmania 4240 Tasmanian College of Advanced Education 2254 Tasmanian State Institute of Technology 3045 University of Tasmania Victoria V8025 Australian Catholic University – Victoria 3030 Deakin University 2164 Footscray Institute of Technology 2165 Gippsland Institute of Advanced Education 3020 La Trobe University V8037 La Trobe University – Bendigo 3035 Monash University 2181 Monash University – Victorian College of Pharmacy Ltd 3034 RMIT University 4194 State College of Victoria. Northern Rivers 3013 University of New South Wales N7946 University of NSW . Cumberland Faculty of Health Sciences 3016 University of Technology. TISC and the participating universities cannot accept liability for any incorrect advice received from sources other than TISC. Capricornia 3042 Queensland University of Technology 3019 The University of Queensland Q8022 The University of Queensland. TISC is able to access academic records directly from each institution named below. the universities reserve the right to change the content and/or method of presentation and/or method of assessment of any unit of study. Macarthur 2119 University of Western Sydney. In particular. Nepean 1058 University of Wollongong Northern Territory 3001 Charles Darwin University Queensland Q8023 Australian Catholic University – Queensland 3003 Bond University 2198 Brisbane College of Advanced Education Q7941 Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education 2200 CQ University Q7947 Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education 2270 Gold Coast College of Advanced Education 3032 Griffith University 1019 James Cook University 2210 Queensland College of Art 2211 Queensland Conservatorium of Music B • The information in this brochure is correct at 30 June 2011 and is based on information supplied by the participating universities. and/or to vary arrangements for any program. A degree document is NOT sufficient evidence of academic progress. It is your responsibility to supply all documentary evidence of studies undertaken at these institutions.

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