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1. Course No. 2. Course Title 3. Assignment No. 4. Date of Dispatch 5. Last date of receipt of Assignment at CODE office

NCP21 Management in Organisation

Your company has bagged a lucrative contract to construct a housing colony for an Industrial Group to be located in Western Maharashtra in


coastal belt. You as n Structure

Project Manager has been asked by the company to evolve Organisation with following conditions.

Organisation should be as lean and thin as possible with bare minimum of personnel on company roll upto Junior Engineer level.


All supervisors to down below will be temporary for project duration only to be recruited locally from 100 km radius.


and discuss an organisation

structure denoting responsibility,


control for all facets of construction work and management function.:r as visualised by you. Housing colony consists of 1d Bungalows for senior executives, 20 Apartments five, buildings,



100 dwellings for white collar workers and 300 dwellings for blue Colony will have market and entertainment complex.

<collared workers.

Chapter on Organisation Management -- Koontz Odoneal 'MacGraw Hill ,publications.


'. 11..not less or STRUCTURE: Scope of work Functions Input / communication requirement and flow . viii.. . Visualise & note all key functions to be carried out for the project. IV. functions upto 111.. Evolve required flow of communication .'· Discuss requirement More ?) of no. . of personnel at each level (Why. about desired control andfQrm'a'$tru~ture vii. VI.":.KEY:- 1. Co-relate 'authorities required toperformthe . Assign responsibility functi~n t~ appointment.. . Break down Managerial (Technical and Administrative) final level. . '_ ~ . . Think v. tasks and delegate them . forabove..'. . As:sigh stlft!lblesu6Julli~r'l~~~1 ~~rkers for function. Authority to carry out functions ' Recommendations Bibliography / Readings.

Technicians work.. Vaid .." .Y' .NICMAR Publication (Pages 107 to 138) .:". ".1 Discuss how will you tackle th c STUDY MATERIALS (Chapters on Motivation.ASSIGNMENT NICMAR / CODE OFFICE 1.'_'''''''':..~ ..Koontz and Odoneal. Date of Dispatch 5.m.-> '. MacGraw Hill Publication. quarrels. Long Tunnel . Assignment No.has beer.. Absenteeism & skilled workers are engaged in dangerous / hazardous Management has urged to do due to sickness. K.'''''''''''''-. . Course No. -.:.__.-."'..something so that time target can be achieved.. . drinking are adding to less output of work and chances of accident on site are increasing.N.. I I • Papers on Management 'c in Construction Industry by Prof. . .-'.)e where work for· 3 k. International Edition.'.~..". " One of Assignm·~nf~t ...' dpPEQmi. . ".. Course Title ·NCP22 Construction Personnel Management 3. The site is remote and takes 'about 2 days travel to nearest town. problem and-increase the output of the work .. undertaken. You are a Project Manager on a si. ASSIGNMENT .'. 4.''.. ". Supervisors. 2. Last date of receipt .. Leadership) Management=.--..'. --.

iv. Know the basic needs of person. 11. 111. Understand role of leadership .. 111. Reasons of various problems Needs and their fulfillment on site Suggested methods for hygiene factors and motivational factors Recommendation to management lV.lcfi6nof main problem . v. v. 11. Understand the working conditions at remote places. Discuss various aspects. Understand hygiene and motivation factors. Ihtrb<ll.- . . . Bibliography / Readings . VI. OUTLINE IN BRIEF i. . VI..J'" "'-:. Understand social needs of persons.1. to apply them for each category.

Contract Management in Civil Works Projects . Course No. J KEY 1. management with owner / department dispute are resolved by VI. Date of Dispatch 5.': assigned to the company.f' Contract administrati~n process should start right from the day work j . Draw the.. Draw the organisation structure. Assignment No. technology in 'point form payment terms. .' Quality ii.ASSIGNMENT NICMAR I CODE OFFICE I.·. Describe scope of work in short Explain type of contract Note down important Points of construction. NICMAR Publication . Prakash.office. v. . iv.A. 4. norms. function and authority of each person Discuss how points of ambiguity.. iii. Course Title 3.company and how administration and monitoring is being done.of Assignment atCODE. NCP23 Construction Contracts and Contracting Two 2. Last date of receipt : . and monitoring is the most important area of construction '\"". . ./'0' " . Comment on success and satisfaction level of management ···0 . -. ASSIGNMENT···· Contract administration management.. organization chart for this activity and explain all the functions carried out. Discuss any project contract currently in progress with your . V. Do you think the system is achieving results? STUDV" ::f Discuss. classification.

.milli~teran... lV. VIlI. ~'.- . Name of project Scope of work Important details of contract. Organisational chart with functions. Method followed for a9.d monitor vii.. v. ··~ecoffi:mertd~t16riS?c~rid~~i~n Bibliography / Readings . type etc. time.:-': . Important points from contractor's point of view to be monitored / resolved 111. .STRUCTURE 1.. lI. cost.. VI.

Project is." Tata Varma. .000 litres of Bitumen. McGraw Hill _ Dr. '\. KEY 1.': -r • " • . . (including spreading leveiing at site. The scope of work for this assignment is only as follows a) Cutting and Dozing of 100.~. Ordering and replenishing of Bitumen. Course No. Course Title 3.000 cum in landing strip.Y-'~ij_~~ave~_ been appointed as Planning Engineer (Materials and. - STUDY MATERIALS 1. Duration of work 30 days from 60th day of starting of work.) Filling of 80. Bitumen to be obtained -from refinery at BongaigaonIn Assam.50. - n. 11. Metropolitan Book read other Texts. Last date of receipt NCP 24/25_ Materials and Equipment Management Three .1'Vr --away "from a -c~~y. c) Bringing in 3000 cum of Sand from 20 k. away from site (including spreading.to be-"implemented in phases.of Assignment. ~ahesh Co.000 cum of earth. 4.. one strip of landing of 100 rn width is to be constructed ill 100 days. Lead time upto site is 45 days.e~~-av.m.m.at CODE office ASSIGNM:EN't ~?-?tcOin~-~y-ha~-/h.R~trJt~*j_~ _- d) Procurement of 1.r~~~(j. ___ f- Equipment Planning . Construction Equipment & Planning. Assignment No. b) Transportation of 20.and dmt!~9fQ(g~X~~~~t_. equipment alternatives for main item of work i. Delhi You should literature.Procurement & Deployment..n~w Int~ffiationa'f-Airpoft --30X. Average height 0. 2.000 cum of surplus earth from site to dumping place J k.000 litres tank. \ Construction Planriing Equipment and Methods. (a).!:. Handbooks & Equipment manufacturer's Ill. In Phase I.. Study the characteristics of earth moving machines and select 3 feasible .ASSIGNMENT NICMARI CODE OFFICE 1. ._ a__ .Equiprrrent).75m. Date of Dispatch 5. Peurifoy I Schexnayder. Storage facility available at she 50.) . Estimate total cost of work and your plan of 1.~.e. For other items (b & c) you may consider only I option.

IV. tile output calculation of each equipment and decide no.. prepare ··Mass ulagram·. v. Vl."J'" 11. iv. 1. of days & hours per day for each item of work.~. Tech. -. Lead time Safety level EOQ ROL v.-. Suitability Standardization .Give justification if 2nd best economical alternative is selected. IX.8itumenand suggest plan conveyance of material from supplier to site. Ordering schedule. vu..-. Maintenance & Break down period. Consider logistics transportation to your assumed site... Decide time of placing purchase orders.. n. Calculation for per day work.· Recommendations / Conclusions Assumptions & References for price. Selection of equipment and Nos .II.Q~~._" \ . Select the most economical combination. Allowance for Break down / Maintenance. . Study the storage requiremeBLQf . Equipment output. vni... Order size etc. in. Assume equipment is owned by you._. Cost of equipment. of equipments. of of .. and induction / de induction. Materials management concepts and their applicab. logistics & plan of conveyance ofbitumeit... Work out EQQ for Bitumen by assuming suitable data. Bibliography / Readings Copy of Assignment. Take into V isuauze consideration Lead.~i.-. output. . Work out cost of operation of each item of work by assuming reasonable data. operation per hourlkm & cost of each item of work.~. Make. of equipments considered...ility in given example. 111. Considerations. me area 6:. (3 eqpts / eqpt systems for main item of work) Planned no. Consider following factors also.. Total cost of work.:. other parameters.--~. .• Scope of work & Description . -:' .

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