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(eBook PDF) Learn Visual C++ 6

(eBook PDF) Learn Visual C++ 6

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Published by: silvershumi on Nov 01, 2011
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AppWizard already provided a How to Modify Text topic at the bottom of afxcore.rtf

that needs to be edited to explain how ShowString works. It displays when the user
selects the view area for context Help. Replace the text with a much shorter
explanation that tells the user to choose Tools, Options. To add a link to that topic
(short though it is), type HID_TOOLS_OPTIONS immediately after the word Options in
the Help topic. While you're at it, type menu_tools immediately after the word Tools.
Select the word Options and press Ctrl+Shift+D to double-underline it; then do the
same for Tools. Select HID_TOOLS_OPTIONS and press Ctrl+Shift+H to hide it; then do
the same for menu_tools.

TIP: If you've reassigned these keys, you can do the formatting the long
way. To double-underline text, select it and choose Format, Font. Drop
down the Underline box and choose Double; then click OK. To hide text,
select it and choose Format, Font; then select the Hidden box and click OK.

TIP: There can't be any spaces between the double-underlined text and the
hidden text or at the end of the hidden text. Word can give you some
trouble about this because the Smart Cut and Paste feature that works so
nicely with words can insert extra spaces where you don't want them or can
make it impossible to select only half a word. You can turn off the feature
in Word by choosing Tools, Options, the Edit tab and by deselecting the
When Selecting, Automatically Select Entire Word and Use Smart Cut and
Paste check boxes.

Ready to test again? Save the files in Word, compile the Help project file, and execute
ShowString; then click the What's This? button on the toolbar and click in the main
view. Your new How to Modify Text entry should display.

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