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Razvan - Limba Rusa

Razvan - Limba Rusa

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Published by: Armasu Ingrid on Nov 01, 2011
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Here are the words Russians commonly use to refer to members of their family:

Мать - mother
Отец - father
Мама - mum
Папа - dad
Сестра - sister
Брат - brother
Дочь - daughter
Сын - son
бабушка - grandmother
Дедушка - grandfather
Жена - wife
Муж - husband
Тѐтя - auntie
Дядя - uncle
Родители - parents
Дети - children
Внучка - granddaughter
Внук - grandson
Семья - family

Just like English, in Russian there are two ways to refer to your mother and father. For example we
use the words mum and dad. Most commonly Russians use the words Mama and Papa to refer to
their parents.

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