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Razvan - Limba Rusa

Razvan - Limba Rusa

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Published by: Armasu Ingrid on Nov 01, 2011
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The dative case is also used in Russian to express your age

Мне восемнадцать лет - I am 18 years old (to me there are 18 years)
Мне двадцать три года - I am 23 years old.

The preposition "к" (towards/to)

In Russian the preposition "к" means "towards/to". It is followed by the dative case.

The dative case can also be used with the preposition "по" (along). Although the use of this

proposition is too varied, and has too many meanings, to create an exact rule.

Some More Examples

Я иду к вокзалу - I am walking towards the station.
Мы едем к друзьям - We are going to our friends.

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