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High Elves

High Elves

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High Elves From Lexicanum

A High Elf warrior The High Elves, who call themselves Asur, are one of the major powers of the Warhammer world. Their homeland is the ring-shaped island of Ulthuan, located in the Great Ocean between the Old World and Naggaroth. The High Elves have fought against the spread of Chaos since it first appeared in the world, but their bitterest struggle is against their own kin, the Dark Elves. While not hostile to their parent civilization, the Wood Elves are the descendants of High Elf colonists who declared their own independence, remaining in the Old World. The High Elf civilization was the first to explore the seas and shores of the entire Warhammer world and its achievements are without parallel. They are usually seen as being arrogant, aloof, and overly concerned with beauty and art, a reputation which is not

In return they generally view themselves as being superior to other races. chiefly The Empire and Bretonnia. A past conflict. in the eternal struggle against their common enemies. with the allegiance of 'minor' princes. ended their initial friendship and the Dwarfs still hold a heavy grudge against the Elf race as a whole. but there are no precise details about the hierarchy of the aristocracy. A more uneasy relationship exists with the Dwarfs. even if grudgingly. Despite of all of its glory the power of the High Elves is slowly fading. the Dark Elves. Foreign relations The High Elves are allied with the realms of men. known as the War of the Beard. The current Phoenix King is Finubar and the current Everqueen is Alarielle. two rulers who reside in separate courts. and the forces of Chaos. Government & organization All High Elves hold allegiance to the Phoenix King and to the Everqueen. However the two nations cooperate. The main reason for this development is a falling birth-rate due to unknown reasons. Domains The island of Ulthuan is organized in 10 realms: • • • • • • • • • • Eataine Avelorn Cothique Yvresse Chrace Ellyrion Tiranoc Saphery Caledor Shadowlands The High Elves also have 3 major colonies: .completely unfounded. namely the Orcs. The two rulers rule over a unknown number of princes. only to be replaced by the populous and vigorous race of man. Presumably each realm of Ulthuan is ruled by its own prince. The Phoenix King holds the political and military authority while the Everqueen's influence seems to be of a more cultural and spiritual nature.

located at the southern tip of Lustria. who were their original teachers in the ancient past. the Citadel of Dusk. Military The High Elf military is feared by its enemies and respected by its allies. worshipping and praising the Cadai and trying to appease the Cytharai. . wellequipped and most of the time ably commanded. Society & culture Religion The High Elves have a large pantheon. located at the southern tip of the Southlands. The High Elf Navy is currently the most powerful of all and the High Elf Army is well-trained. The last two seaports enable the High Elf navy to largely control the international sea trade routes. located in southern Naggaroth. the Fortress of Dawn. Magic The High Elves are considered masters of High Magic and their knowledge is second only to the Slann.• • • Arnheim.

It is located in middle of the Great Ocean.Ulthuan From Lexicanum Ulthuan. homeland of the High Elves The regions of Ulthuan Ulthuan is an island-continent and ancient home of the High Elves. The nation . west of the Old World and east of Naggaroth.

comprises ten kingdoms. Lothern is the greatest city of Ulthuan. and fishing. and martial. its capital is Tor Anroc. the proudest and most martial of all the High Elf realms. Geography Outer Kingdoms The Outer Kingdoms suffer most from foreign raids and invasions. • . Cothique. Caledor was once at the centre of Ulthuan's power because of the might of its Dragons. Home to several thousand High Elves the city is guarded by the 10. • • • • Inner Kingdoms The Inner Kingdoms are largely shielded from foreign incursions by the Anulii Mountains. whose main industries involve shipping. the most sparsely-populated realm. home of the White Lions. weakened by the Sundering. The current Phoenix King is from Eataine. cautious. formerly known as Nagarythe. each ruled by various noble families that owe allegiance to the Twin Thrones . As a consequence its inhabitants are more worldly. Chrace. this realm contains the great seaport of Lothern. Caledor. trading.the Phoenix King and the Everqueen. Tor Yvresse. The kingdom is largely protected from sea raiders by the Shifting Isles. • Eataine.000 strong Lothern Sea Guard besides sporting mighty walls and numerous defences. Each kingdom has its own cultural identity. It is home to great charioteers. a coastal realm. • Tiranoc. Shadowlands. who act as bodyguards to the Phoenix King. Yvresse. and are divided by the Anulii mountains into Inner and Outer Kingdoms. wood-dwelling High Elves possessing great strength and wielding large axes. ever-watchful for raiding parties or invading armies of the Dark Elves as the Shadowlands are the ideal landing ground for their invasions. allowing them develop more refined and scholarly cultures than the Outer Kingdoms. Human merchants are allowed to trade here and the city is a busy centre of international trade. The nomadic Shadow Warriors travel trough this realm. it has only one city. ruled by Eltharion. making Lothern the current political capital city.

these days are long gone and most of the surviving Dragons sleep and dream while the Dragon Princes ride heavy warhorses.However. Ellyrion is home of the horselords. Avelorn Avelorn is the homeland of the Everqueens. the greatest city in Ulthuan. known for its many mages and the Tower of Hoeth. • The Inner Sea The Inner Sea consists of the Sea of Dusk to the west and the Sea of Dreams to the east. the most skilled swordsmen in the world.000 Lothern Sea Guard and numerous formidable defences.[1] It is the centre of the great Vortex which gathers the larger part of the Winds of Magic and returns them to the dimension of Chaos. is also the capital city of Ulthuan. and its capital Lothern. Realms in Ulthuan Eataine Eataine is one of the inner kingdoms of Ulthuan. This city is home to tens of thousands of elves and is a vibrant center of international sea trade. Its inhabitants learn to ride as soon as they can walk and are considered the greatest horsemen on Ulthuan. • • Avelorn. It's one of the wealthiest and militarily stable of all the Elf realms. • The Isle of the Dead lies between the both seas. • It's likely that neither island belong to any realm. run by the Loremasters and zealously guarded by the Sword Masters.It is guarded by 10.[1] It holds the Shrine of Asuryan where the new Phoenix Kings are elected and crowned. where magic is taught and knowledge is stored. . home of the Everqueen. a sad echo of glorious days long past. Saphery. The Isle of the Flame lies in the Sea of Dreams. The capital of Ellyrion is Tor Elyr.

and is therefore constantly by bitter fighting between the two nations warring elves for control over the island in jeopardy. a rich valley in which the Everqueen and her servants make their court. Yvresse is often referred to as "the land of mists". the Maiden Guard who are sworn to protect the Everqueen until their last breath. but the realm also encompasses the Shifting Isles in the Great Ocean further east. known equally for their beauty and martial prowess. shipbuilding and trade.powerful.The land is covered in lush forests and is home to many mythical creatures among which are Pegasi. located at the northwestern tip of the island. It is located to the north of the continent. and is regarded by the other kingdoms as being a bleak coastal realm of no real importance. The main industries are fishing. They are composed of the Elf women from across Ulthuan. Its capital and only major city is Tor Yvresse. grassy plains and mountains. The mainland of Yvresse is the heavily forested stretch of land west of the Annulii and south of Cothique. Chrace Chrace is a realm of Ulthuan. and is relatively densely populated. The land is mostly wide. Avelorn is the oldest kingdom of Ulthuan home to the Gaen Vale. Yvresse Yvresse is one of the Outer Kingdoms of Ulthuan. from the chaos affected cats live. whose routes extend to the Old World. The kingdom suffered greatly from the invasion of Grom the Paunch in 2425 IC. Most of Cothique's citizens live along the coast. Chrace lies on a main invasion routes of the Dark Elves. The land is composed of whitish mountains crossed by large parts of dense forests covered to where white lion . Yvresse is the least populated of all of Ulthuan's realms. Cothique Cothique is one of the ten realms of Ulthuan and one of the Outer Kingdoms. and it is from here that most of the accomplished High Elf mariners hail from. The realm . Unicorns and Giant Eagles. Despite this it is famous for the discipline of its citizen-soldiers and for being the homeland of the hero Eltharion the Grim. Within this inner kingdom resides the personal bodyguard of the queen.

bearing a strong resemblence to the neighbouring Inner Kingdom of Ellyrion. forest dwelling elves of great physical strength equipped with Great axes. They are the ceremonial guard of the Phoenix King. guarded by the Swordmasters. The nobles of Tiranoc are famous for their love of chariot-racing. Ellyrion The elves of Ellyrion learn to ride as soon as they can walk and are the most accomplished horsemen in all of Ulthuan. The zealous guardians of these scholars. Its capital is Tor Anroc. The famous Ellyrian Reavers. It is the center of learning and knowledge and holds great libraries about magic. on the south by Caledor. messengers of the Phoenix Throne. During the High Elves' Age of Discovery it rose to pre-eminence amongst the Elf realms and it was from Tiranoc that the majority of the elf colonists who would settle the Old World originated from. and have honed charioteering to a fine art. Tiranoc Tiranoc is one of the ten realms of Ulthuan and is one of the Outer Kingdoms. Its capital is the White Tower of Hoeth. and one of the Inner Kingdoms. and produce the some of finest horses in Ulthuan. Saphery Saphery is one of the ten realms of Ulthuan. on the east by the Annulii and on the west by the Great Ocean. and indeed much of the world. are recruited from this realm. bordered on the north by Nagaryhe. sweeping plains. The kingdom suffered terribly during The Sundering and most of its land was sank due of the magical backlash. From the beginning of its history Saphery has been famous for producing the mages and loremasters of Ulthuan.provides the White Lions. It never recovered its ancient power. Ellyrion is a land of rolling hills and grasslands. the Swordmasters of . Tiranoc is a land of vast. When the armies of Ulthuan are assembled Tiranoc sends these chariot-teams as its contribution. It is located on the western side of the continent.

The Shadowlands is all that remains of Nagarythe. Aenarion founded Nagarythe as his own personal fiefdom after the death of his first wife Astarielle [1]. bordering on Avelorn to the north. Shadowlands The Shadowlands are located in the Northwest (upper left corner). They are located between Tiranoc and Chrace while the Annulii Mountains separate them from Ellyrion and Avelorn. the ancestral homeland of the Dark Elves. driven and merciless warriors of his army. .Hoeth. Please note the location of Anlec. are known far and wide for their skill in combat with their iconic two-handed great swords. Ruling over the most hardened. It is located on the eastern side of the Sea of Dreams. the Annulii to the west and Eataine to the south.

Following his disappearance the realm of Nagarythe was inherited by his son Malekith. Known features (north to south) • Anlec Former capital of Nagarythe. 5 major mountain passes cross the Annulii Mountains and are vital for major enemy incursions against the Inner Kingdoms. mainly the Northwest and especially Nagarythe. rebuilt and destroyed several times. • Eagle Gate . This led to a powerful magic backlash which quite literally ripped the land apart leading to gigantic tsunamis which inundated and devastated large parts of Ulthuan. • • • • Phoenix Gate Dragon Gate Unicorn Gate Griffon Gate The sacrifice of all those who gave their lives for the defence of Ulthuan is honoured by a 500 feet tall statue of a Griffon [2]. this land contains numerous former battlefields. The outbreak of the Sundering led to a division of the Nagarythe people. Currently inhabited by the nomadic Shadow Warriors. Dark Elf invasion will often begin here. he established his court in the fortress of Anlec.who became the Nagarythe. At the end of the Sundering Malekith made a mad attempt to undo the Great Vortex. while the majority fought for Malekith a minority remained loyal the Phoenix Throne and fought for Caledor I.

but only their daughter will become the new Everqueen. All of them eventually earned a title which reflects their goals. During his reign the Phoenix King will hold a ritual year-long marriage to the Everqueen in order to conceive a daughter. in particular the war against the Dark Elves. but not all. Not all Phoenix kings have been warlike rulers or able generals. The election of a new Phoenix King is for obvious reasons a political decision of the highest possible importance. Afterwards both rulers may have other consorts and children of these consorts. a king may appoint a general of his choosing in order to fulfill this role. the power and influence of the realm of the prince in question are important factors in pair with intrigue. the current king. have been able rulers. The military situation. Finubar. Upon the death a king the High Elf princes gather at the main shrine of Asuryan located on the Island of the Flame. After being chosen the new king-to-be must pass through the Sacred Flame. There have been 11 Phoenix Kings to date and most.Phoenix King The Phoenix King is the political ruler and military leader of the High Elves and thereby ruler of Ulthuan and its colonies. . has appointed the hero Tyrion as defender of Ulthuan. will also influence if a warlike or a peaceful ruler is chosen. agreements and compromise. achievements. figuratively a final test of Asuryan. The position is not hereditary. As far as it is known the election seems to be similar to the way the Electors choose the new Emperor in The Empire. politics. and select a new Phoenix King. upon the death of a king his successor is selected by the High Elf princes from among their numbers. Reputation. achievements and failures.

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