I. Other-Centered (1-13) II. Courageous (14-26) III.

Judicious (27-39)

IV. Resourceful (weeks 40-52)

Week 43 from Allan Cox
Juice Up The Ordinary

Architect Louis Sullivan wrote “Form ever follows function.” Grasp true function, not good intentions, and you’ll juice up a lot of dry dirt. I seek signs and feelings for what wins my heart for our abode, each day. How do we bend—our house and us—to meet our functions? The day begins with a small slow upward step. In my mind’s eye a Calla Lilly on the rise—as if in time-lapse photography, to set my pace. See him see her now, taking a nap, tiny triangle of her face covered by the crumpled sheet, eyes, nose, lips, serene, peeking pretty. Here’s the thing about a poem: It doesn’t always behave. In fact, it can grow wild in its development—just like you. The cargo box carries contents, accepts handling, mobility, recycling; gives itself thanklessly to anticipated delight on arrival. The grandfather clock: Many choice nights, sleeping alone, I have waited—not restlessly—for its sure clang at the foot of the stairs.







Photograph by Cher Cox

Cocktail It’s my favorite. I named it “The Sod Glacier.” 2 oz of Old Bushmills plain label Irish Whiskey, poured over hard fresh rocks in a short glass that fits my hand perfectly. Why do I like it so? This beverage is caringly crafted by sod-busting leprechauns in the world’s oldest distillery and offers see-through simplicity. It presents itself with earth-tone warmth, signifying grounding. Yet it is paired adeptly with the copious ice that fills the resplendent glass and delivers sincerity side-by-side with cold, hard, dispassionate clarity. It is most enjoyed when seated well at day’s end, reflecting on the joys of one’s labors or applying finishing touches to the formulation of a great idea.

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