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< Assessment centre refers to a method to

objectively observe and assess the people in

action by experts or HR professionals with the
help of various assessment tools and instruments.
< irst used during the World wars
< German psychologist used this to identify potential
< Pvt sector started using this 1956 after AT&T used
AC for selection of high potentials for managerial
1. Psychometric tests.
2. nterviews - background, critical incident, situational,
behaviour event
3. Leaderless Group discussions.
4. n-Basket techniques.
5.Management games
6. Simulation exercises.
7. Role plays.
8. Presentations
sometimes 360 degree feedback is also used as an
instrument in Assessment centre
< Selection and Placement
< Potential Appraisal for
< Promotion Decisions
< Career Planning
< Succession Planning
< ndividual and Organisational Development
< Comparative Studies between Departments and
< 'ery Expensive & time consuming
< Experts are required to observe & evaluate