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Please find below the questions i have got during my exams.

1) How many shadow process will be created for a SAP System?

a) For every work process
b) For every sap instance
c) For all oracle connections
2) What happens during a log switch?
a) The archiver is started
3) How many groups of redo log files are there and for each group how many files?
What is the minimum no of groups required?
4) For security reason how will you allocate the online redo log files?
5) The minimal thing you do for Database security? switching on the archiver
6) Contents of sap backup directory?
7) Contents of the alert log file? Startup, shutdown info etc
8) ORACLE_HOME environmental variable is? User environment variable, system
environment variable
9) With what user the sap work process connects to database during startup?
10) Which is used for starting and shutting down the database? SYSDBA,
11) With what tool you change the password of SAP<SCHEMAID> password? The
options are SQL,BRCONNECT etc
12) Which parameter is not changeable in oracle parameter file? db_name,
13) During NOMOUNT, MOUNT what are possible?
14) Be thorough with shutdown options (with or without force option)?
15) The database backup is done on Thursday night at 8:00 PM.Upgrade started at
Friday 3:00PM.If I need to get the data before start of upgrade? Which restore
procedure you will adopt? Point in time recovery
16) When you will verify database? during BRBACKUP,
17) When you use one run strategy for backup? Tapes needed, BRARCHIVE started
after BRBACKUP etc.
18) What happens during consistent online backup?
19) What is needed for complete database recovery?(it is a combination of complete
database recovery, pointing time recovery and database reset)
20) Be 100% clear with differences between Dictionary managed and locally
managed table spaces? One question like what will brconnect –f next does where
the options are locally managed tables paces etc.
21) Where does brconnect –f check get input from?
22) One question on CBO?
23) There is a question on table space extension?
24) There is a database without LONG fields how will you reorganize?
25) When an online backup fails what will you do?
26) There is a screenshot
27) There is a report “ZSLOW” which has a table “ZFAST” how will you make the
analysis? weather you will create index for ZFAST or analyze ZSLOW.