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I thought I saw

I thought I saw

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Published by Ashley Mason

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Published by: Ashley Mason on Nov 01, 2011
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“I thought I saw…” “WHAT?

” A pulsing screaming beat filled the room, making it nearly impossible to have any semblance of a conversation. The DKL Hollow was packed, as usual, the bodies crammed into the small club creating a hot and humid environment. There wasn’t a person in there that didn’t smell of liquor and sweat. Underneath that, Lola could detect an almost sweet, coppery undercurrent. Something she couldn’t quite place. “LOLA!” The young woman screaming her name was Lola’s best friend since sixth grade, Clio. She was the exact opposite of Lola with shining raven black hair that curled down the length of her back and stormy violet colored eyes. Where Lola was around 5’8”, the top of Clio's dark head only reached Lola's shoulders. Where Clio was dark and broody, with a temper to match, Lola was all light and wistful. Her hair was a golden honey blonde that swirled around her in weightless waves nearly down to her knees and her eyes were odd and almost colorless. They were a blue so pale that she had been mistakenly taken to be blind as a small child, surprising every doctor that demanded she had an impairment. Her eyes were the palest of aqua that shone almost silver in certain lighting. Her and Clio had been inseparable since the day they had met, light and dark, yin to the others yang. And that was how they liked it. The sound of her best friend screaming her name over the scream of music was what brought Lola out of her thoughts and back to the club where she had been dancing. Something had distracted her, only now she couldn’t seem to remember what it had been. All she could remember was seeing a flash of color and then…nothing.

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