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NTC Catalog Handbook 2010-11 Revised 02-16-2011

NTC Catalog Handbook 2010-11 Revised 02-16-2011

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2010-2011 Northshore Technical Community College
2010-2011 Northshore Technical Community College

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Published by: David_Lloyd6036 on Nov 01, 2011
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In the event of an emergency concerning one of our campuses, Northshore Technical College has implemented an
Emergency Notification System to better communicate with our faculty and students. The system allows one person
to contact many within minutes and uses text and/or voice alerts directed to students and faculty that are registered
with the First Call alert service. Alerts can be sent to:

Land line telephones
Voice cell phones
SMS text message to cell phones

Students, Faculty and Staff are asked to go to the links below and register to be included in the alert system. You may
register a new account or edit your account if already registered. Fill in the appropriate information as asked. If you
wish to receive text messages via your cell phone enter the number under the SMS box. Once all information is
entered, press the submit button and check your email for a Welcome Message from alerts@firstcall.net, providing a
temporary password. You may then log in and update your password or change your phone numbers and email
addresses as needed.

Register New Contact Information – FIRSTCALL Link from http://www.northshorecollege.edu/FirstCall.
Update existing Contact Information – FIRSTCALL Link from http://www.northshorecollege.edu/FirstCall.
Forgot My Password – FIRSTCALL Link from http://www.northshorecollege.edu/FirstCall.

NOTE: Occasionally we may test the system but any messages will clearly state a test is being conducted and no
emergency exists at that time.



Hurricane emergency preparedness information can be found at www.getagameplan.org or GETAGAME√PLAN
link from http://northshorecollege.edu. The Get a Game Plan site provides hurricane preparedness tips including
evacuation routes and safety precautions.

In case of emergencies such as a fire or bomb threat, the building may be evacuated. Unannounced evacuation
drills are held periodically for personnel and students to practice the proper procedure to use in evacuating the
premises. Since an alarm may not be just a drill, it is important that every alarm signal be treated as an actual
emergency. Students, faculty, and staff must evacuate the building immediately.

The actual signal for evacuation is a loud piercing buzz and/or ring from the fire alarm speaker in each department.
When students hear it, they must leave the classroom or shop immediately through the nearest exit. Students must
not return to the building until the all-clear is given. Maps of the building showing the various exits from the
classrooms and shops are located in each classroom and/or department. Students should use these maps as guides in
locating the nearest exit.

In case of a tornado warning, instructors will move all students to corridors away from windows or doors and have
students sit against the wall on the floor. Instructors will then make sure outside exits and classroom doors are open
and that exits are clear. Students should remain calm until the all clear is given.

In case of strong lightning, students should not use the telephone except for emergencies and should stay away from
the windows.

In case of a hurricane, there is usually ample time for preparation. If classes are in session when the weather service
advises that the communities served by a campus in the region has a high probability of being in the path of a
hurricane, staff and students will be dismissed after appropriate measures have been taken to protect campus
property. The campus dean will be in close contact with the regional director who will advise on campus closures.
Information regarding campus closures will be broadcasted on local radio stations and New Orleans and Baton
Rouge television stations.

In case of inclement weather or other conditions that require campus closure, the announcement will be broadcast
on local radio stations and as directed by the Regional Director. The main campus and all branch campuses have a
campus specific disaster plan in force.

Emergency telephone numbers can be found in each campus administrative office.

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