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Wahib Abdulhabeb Mohammed Ali --WAMAli@BALSHARAFGROUP.COM Noor Aldeen Tawfeeq Mohmed Noor Al --NATMNoorAl@BALSHARAFGROUP.

COM Mohamed Ahmed AbdelMoaty Ibrahim Isma --MAAIIsma@BALSHARAFGROUP.COM Mussad Abdulkaliq Addulrazzaq --maabdulrazzaq@BALSHARAFGROUP.COM Mohmed Awad Ebraheem Yosif --meyosif@BALSHARAFGROUP.COM

In taif totally 2 desktops, 1 for WH and 1 for admin office, and 2 laptops.

Access point and router is configured, but circuit was not up, Configuration has to be done from STC Riyadh.