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Research The Process of gathering information for the purpose of initialing modifying or terminating a particular investment or group of investment

. the rearch topic is that study about what student taling in the class during the lactrue. For complited task i get a help of many persons, for this task we use a observin g method of data the class two types of lactore taking by lacturer in that we found that in theorical subject , students are less talk during theo rical subject. The major source of student talking in the class is examples give ns by prof. like that PRof. X given a exaples regarding our rutine lifestyle stu dent are laughing on the exaples thats one time increase the sound in the class than after those student discuss exaples to his friedns and that time they laug hing agein with maltiply with two person this types of movement are increaseing the sound in the class. We are dicided the class divided in four segments for each segment appoint the f our students his name is: 1.VIkas 2.sahil 3.ashwini 4. INSEART CHART Those four stdents works as spy with is segment., Spyer was take care his segmen t and analysis all thing during the lacturer ,each day spyer reporting me about what talking during the lacturer .We are observing wholwe think and focus on spy er in some of lacture 1-2 spyer was not come in the class that time we are take a resposibilirty of relevant segments.speyer gives a short note then i analysis which reasons of the talking during the class and alos which is discuss view bas e of time schedule of the lactrure. we are analysis base on the time and aslo lacturer,in which prof.'s lacture, stu denst ate passing high amount of comments: