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Comparatives and Superlatives: Exercises
1) Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative.

a) This is ________________________ (beautiful) painting in the exhibition.
b) The white cat is ________________________ (pretty) the black cat.
c) Linda has worked ________________________ (carefully) you in this project.
d) Ann has worked ________________________ (carefully) of all.
e) Daniel’s coat is ________________________ (old-fashioned) mine.
f) Joe is ________________________ (quiet) you. He doesn’t talk much.
g) She moves ________________________ (quickly) you do.
h) Girls usually get up ________________________ (early) boys.
i) Anthony is ________________________ (quiet) of all.
j) Julio moves ________________________ (quickly) of all.
k) The black jeans aren’t ________________________ (expensive) the blue jeans.
l) The best rooms go to those who book ________________________ (early).
m) The blue jeans are ________________________ (cheap) the black jeans.
n) Women live ________________________ (long) men.