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Future Road Repair 4-6-11 Chester


The people of

Maryville could see

longer and more projects. Eng #1 ns/vo-sot c-g: Main Street

efficient road repair

The Maryville has an interest in are done.

Department of Public Works repairs

changing the way road

The current process The new process would MORE Add 1 Future Road Repair be actually replacing the place. There are currently taking place around

is a concrete overlay.

concrete already in

three overlay projects

the city.

Works C-E Goodall says that there have been talks about more MORE Add 2 Future Road Repair concentrated plans department. There is also road on Main Street near the Director of Public three projects is 16th construction taking place downtown area.” Rt :15 for repairs as a Let Eng Roll vo/ns-sot ..funding issue we’ll have to try and work out..The biggest of the Street. Eng #2 sound up full ---------stop-----------c-g:(Left) C-E Goodall/ Maryville Director of Public Works c-g:(right) Jay Cacek/ Maryville Street Superintendent o/c “.

There are currently in the near future. could increase the planning for the talks about one project -30- .The change in focus amount of budgeting and Department of Public MORE Add 3 Future Road Repair Works.