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What are the different types?

Cigarettes Chewing tobacco Snuff (dip) Pipe tobacco Cigars Herbal Cigarette

Why do people use tobacco?

Family Friends Misconceptions ADVERTISING Curiosity Rebellion

Lets discuss!
With your partner, take one minute and discuss some reasons that people DONT smoke

What makes tobacco products dangerous?

NICOTINE: the addictive substance found in all forms of tobacco Low doses= stimulant and muscle relaxer High doses= nerve poison

What are some of the poisonous chemicals in cigarettes?

Carcinogens- cancer causing chemicals Tar- black, sticky substance that coats inside of

Carbon monoxide- odorless, colorless, gas

that blocks oxygen from getting into the bloodstream
There are over 4,000 different chemicals in one!

What are the short term effects of tobacco use?

Stimulates brain Increases HR, blood pressure and breathing Increases blood sugar levels Stimulates vomit reflexes

Carbon monoxide
Blocks oxygen from getting in blood stream

Irritates inside of lungs, causes coughing

What are the short term effects of tobacco use?

Chemicals in dip
Irritates mouth and gums

Other effects
Smelly clothes Black specks in teeth Bad Breath

What are the long term effects of tobacco use?

Addiction Bronchitis and Emphysema Heart and Artery Disease Cancer Immune system suppression Ulcers Unattractiveness
Discolored teeth Bad breath Receding gums Smelly clothes Dulled smell and taste

How does smoke affect non-smokers?

Sidestream smoke- smoke from tip of cigarette Mainstream smoke- inhaled by smoker/exhaled by smoker
Cancer Respiratory infections Asthma

Finally, we have reached the end of all these notes!

Now for the next assignment:

You are to create your own anti-smoking campaign poster. Posters are due Tomorrow. Be creative.