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! Spanish two is going very good for me, although at times it gets tough.

I like how we did quizlet in first quarter, it really helped you learn the vocabulary words. I didnʼt really like the quizzes we did in Garage Band, they just make me really nervous. I do really well remembering the vocabulary words, but Iʼm not good at pronouncing the words. I want to be able to conjugate all words right before the end of the class, because I never know what conjugation weʼre supposed to do. ! The best way I learn is probably going over it in class, it helps a lot more for Mrs. Jiminéz to explain it. My strengths would probably be vocabulary because I can remember them very easily. But my weakness would probably be conjugating possessive words. Itʼs not that I donʼt know how to do it, itʼs just hard knowing which conjugation you have to do. My other weakness are accent marks, I never know where to put them. I will study more and make sure I do all my homework to improve my grades.

Destiny Caldwell

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 6:01:47 shianniferr ET