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Canadian Families There are approximately 8.4 million families in Canada. 70.

4% of these families are nuclear families, consisting of 2 parents and 2 children. But research shows this type of family may be on the decline because of the costs to bring up a child in Canada costing about $166,549 to raise a female and $166,972 to raise a male. 13.8% are common-law relationships; mostly popular in young Canadians usually containing 1 child.15.6% are lone-parent families which are mostly headed by women. And the remaining 0.5% are civil partners (same-sex common-law couples) The divorce rate is almost at 50%.Now couples live together and raise families without being legally married and polygamy’s so rare it’s literally unheard of Canadian parents believe that their role is to prepare children who can live independently. In a typical Canadian family it is mostly the responsibility of the female partner to look after the children and work accordingly. Responsibilities shared between parents are . Provide care, shelter, food . Earn money . Care of the elderly . Teaching values and traditions . Resolve conflicts . Education . Emotional support

Canadian children want to grow up to be different than their parents and to create a life that is uniquely their own and not a carbon copy of the life their parents led. The children are usually disciplined in a way that seems acceptable by parents but hitting considered abuse. .