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HI You are looking at a games workshop bretonnian battalion The set is not complete, it is missing the pegasus knight

, which is being sold separately in a different listing The set contains 8 horses assembled (1 part painted, 1 part primed white) 16 archers (8 part painted to good standard, 8 primed white and washed in badab black) there are the 4 spikey parts aswell, musician with drum, banner carrier and champion are included in the 16 men at arms are all still on sprues 8 Knights are still on sprues (apart from 1 that is part painted) as far as i am aware all of the bases are present There may be the odd helmet missing from the sprues, but i am not aware of them Please contact me for pricing for international postage costs I pack very well I always get proof of postage and can unfortunately not be responsible for loss or damage in the post.