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Our rst mee0ng in Rio de Janeiro July 2010

Rio de Janeiro

Our rst mee0ng in So Paulo Day 15 July 2010

First mee0ng in Brasilia

We have done monthly mee0ngs:

to learn from one another to provide training for pastors and leaders to discuss issues related to the doctrine of holiness prayer and planning events to promote holiness.

Mee0ng of Wesleyan pastors In a camp

Training Pastors in the doctrine of holiness

Several Mee0ngs

Delicious food!

Poli%cal statement in the Legisla%ve Assembly

in favor of ethics and transparency of poli%cal and religious freedom

Ecological March

Day Celebra%on of John Wesley. 8 000 people celebra0ng the experience that transformed the life of John Wesley and the world around him.

Holiness and Unity

Holiness and Unity