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DENTAL ASSISTING SPECIALTIES II DENT 172 FOGLIA ORTHODONTICS Chapter LectureModern Dental Assisting, 10th Edition, 2012, chapter

60, pages 1051-1053 At the end of this lecture, the successful student will be able to: 1. Differentiate between fixed and removable appliances. 2. Differentiate between active and passive appliances. 3. Identify basic appliances and retainers and state their function. ORTHODONTIC APPLIANCES ***Devices placed in the patients mouth to accomplish the desired treatment. ***The Dr always decides on the design of the appliance I. Two Categories A. Fixed B. Removable A. Fixed ***Fixed appliances are attached to the teeth and are removable by the dental team but, not by the patient. Bands Hooks Brackets Arch Wires Elastomerics Coil Springs Ligature Ties Space Maintainers Elastic Chain & Thread (used as attachment) B. Removable ***Removable appliances and designed to be removed and inserted by the patient as instructed by dental team.

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Head Gear Lip Bumper Retainer Rubber Bands Space Maintainer 6. Expander (Activator) 7. Bite Plate (Advancing Bite Plate/Bite Plane) C. Active ***Active appliances are those which cause movement of oral structures. Full orthodontic banding to move the teeth makes use of active appliances. D. Passive ***Passive appliances do not cause movement, but maintain a structure in its present position. A retainer is an example of a passive appliance.

***Some fixed appliances serve an active function,

be specific while others serve a passive function. Similarly, removable appliances may active or passive, depending on the appliance.

E. How they are made 1. Models 2. Wires 3. Wax 4. Custom bends 5. Acrylic 6. Bands 7. Solder 8. Screws F. Choices 1. Colors G. The Lab Slip 1. Doctors Name 2. Patients Name 3. Dates a. Taken b. Due for delivery 4. Design

5. Color H. Retainers 1. Acrylic 2. Clasps 3. Labial Bow 4. Rests 5. Springs 6. Full Wrap Appliances With Pontics 1. Replacement tooth 2. Fill space completely 3. Pink acrylic J. Habit Reminders 1. Fixed 2. Sucking or Tongue Thrust Habits 3. Bead, Crib or Rake K. Holding Appliance 1. Fixed 2. Upper or Lower 3. Banded 4. Upper: Palatal wire with acrylic 5. Lower: Lingual Wire L. Expander 1. Fixed a. Banded or Bonded b. Screw c. Key d. Instructions 1.) Cleaning 2.) Activating 3.) Arrow/Stop 2. Removable a. Acrylic b. Screw c. Key d. Instructions 1.) Cleaning 2.) Activating 3.) Arrow/stop M. Class II Bite Correctors 1. Fixed or Removable