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Estimate for for ballast feeding earthfill Ramp at Ch: 21/100

BOQ Refference of
Sl no Description of Item Quantity Unit Rate Amount
Item no rate

Banking excavated earth in layers

not exceeding 20 cm. in depth,
breaking clods, watering, rolling
Each layer with 1/2 tonne roller, or
wooden or steel rammers, and
1 1 rolling every 3rd and top-most layer
with power roller of minimum 8
tonnes and dressing up, in Approved rate of
embankment for roads, flood banks, : Construction of
and guide banks etc. lead up to 50 m Temporary ramp
and lift up to 1.50 m. for feeding
ballast in Phase
-II on Qazigund-
1.1 All kinds of soil 2,500.00 Cum 99.45 248,625.00 Baramulla New
BG Rail Line
order no
Earth work in embankment, trolley IRCON/J&K-
refuses and bridge approaches with SGR/1008/
contractor's own earth obtained from Temporary
approved quarry outside Railway's Ramp;
limits including, excavation, loading, Dated:12-05-
spreading in layer, breaking clods,
2 2 levelling, sectioning to profile and 2,500.00 cum 89.00 222,500.00
dressing of slopes and surface,
bunding at top with all lead and lifts,
labour, tools, plants, dag belling etc.
complete as per specifications for
mechanical compaction and as
directed by the Engineer in charge.

TOTAL Rs. 471,125.00

Say Rs. 471,125.00