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[Mama Morton] She's not that nice, ain't she?

I tell you, no matter how big she gives, she's still as common as ever. I'd like to help you, baby. Take aloft. So, what do you figure to use it for grounds? [Roxie Hart] What do you mean grounds? [Mama Morton] What are you gonna tell the jury? [Roxie Hart] l'm afraid l have to tell him the truth. [Mama Morton] - The truth? [Roxie Hart] - Yeah. [Mama Morton] That's the one we take you to the death house. [Roxie Hart] Holy mother of God. [Mama Morton] Relax. I mean, in this town, murder is a formal entertainment. Besides, in 47 years Cooke County never hangs a woman yet. So even it's 47 and 1, they won't hang you. [Roxie Hart] - Jesus Mary Joseph. [Mama Morton] you're talkin' to the wrong people What you need, is Billy Flynn. [Roxie Hart] - Who? [Mama Morton] - Billy Flynn. Some of the best criminal lawyer in all Illinois. He knows about juries and women.

First. Every girl in this place would kill to have Billy Flynn representing them. you give me a hundred dollars. dear. [Roxie Hart] He never lost a case? [Mama Morton] Never. And a sweet little puss like yours. Then I'll make a phone call. [Mama Morton] Over these work that we sent.[Roxie Hart] How do you get this Billy Flynn? [Mama Morton] Not by prayer. . let's just say what a blindness you got.. [Roxie Hart] A hundred dollars? Will you just. it seems pretty stiff for a phone call. he never lost a case for a female client yet.. I mean.