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obililg (kebolehon) Able lo do something. obsorb /ab-sewh/ (mengerap) To toke in or drow in o liquid.
A lissue
paper con obsorb coloured wofer.

occumutrotor /e-kgoo-m (okumulotor)

ge- ic u -T€,.

A rechorgeoble botterg usuollg
used lo power o vehicle. {see o/so
rechorgeoble bolterg on poge

occurocg /ck- ga-ra- stt (kete poton) The correclness or closeness of o volue to its reol volue.


obsorbent rah-s:ew i:eni,i (bersifot menaerap) Able to toke in or drow in o liquid

"cs-i,i: A solution thol losles sour ond lurns blue lilmus poper red.


ocidic le-sid-ik/ (berosid)

An ocidic subslonce contoins

Tissue poper

These fruits ore ocidic. Theg toste sour.

Exomples of absorbent moferials

The juice of on ocidic fruit turns blue litmus poper red
oLiri' i!