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English Test Name:_____________________ Section A Choose the correct answers. 1. Justin eats at the _______________ . a. canteen b. classroom c. office 2. Score:________ The pupils are playing in the _______________ . a. pond b. library c. field The teachers are in the _______________ doing their paper work. a. field b. garden c. office She goes to the ______________ to borrow a book. a. canteen b. library c. shop They are doing homework in the ____________ . a. office b. canteen c. classroom Rad Blue Purpe Ping Black Whaite Golde Silver Yallow Gren Reed Bluu Purple Pink Back Whiate Geold Silvel Yellow Green 3. 4. 5. Section B Circle the correct words. 1 Red 2 Blur 3 Pulpe 4 Pin 5 Blak 6 White 7 Gold 8 Sirvel 9 Yelow 10 Grien Section C Fill in the blanks. 1. I have a pen ________ my pocket. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The boy is waiting ___________ the bus stop. There is a bear ___________ the tree. The boy is standing __________ the chair. He puts the books ___________ the cupboard. There is a bank ____________ the post office. He is crawling ___________ the chairs. He sits __________ the desk.