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All I Ask Of You – Coward’s Way Out, Get Fuched, July 8th, Stand Back This Could Get

Ugly Brand New – Degausser, Bring Me the Horizon – Football Season is Over, Suicide Season Chiodos – Baby You Wouldn't Last a Minute on the Creek, “Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered,” “I Didn’t Say I Was Powerful I Said I Was a Wizard,” Lexington, Life Is A Perception Of Your Own Reality, Notes in Constellations, Circa Survive – Act Appalled, Close Your Eyes to See, Dyed in the Wool, Get Out, I Felt Free, In Fear and Faith, Fever Dreams, Kicking Your Crosses Down, Living Together, Semi-Constructive Criticism, Stop The Car, Strange Terrain, The Great Golden Baby, The Greatest Lie, The Longest Mile, Through the Desert Alone, Wish Resign, City And Colour – Little Hell, Natural Disaster, Silver And Gold, Sleeping Sickness, The Girl, Waiting, We Found Each Other In The Dark, Ema Rosa – Casablanca, Heads or Tails Real or Not, Her Advice Cost Us a Life, The Past Should Stay Dead, Four Year Strong – Tonight We Feel Alive Justin Robinett (ft. Michael Henry) – Of Mice And Men – Second And Sebring, They Don’t Call It the South for Nothing, Saosin – Bury Your Head, Deep Down, Follow and Feel, Sleepers, Your Not Alone (Piano) Secret and Whisper – The Actress, Vanishings, Xoxoxo, You are Familiar, Senses Fail – Can’t be saved, Silverstein – If you could see into my soul, Smile in your Sleep, Skrillex – Eat Shit and Fucking Die, I wish you all the Luck in the World, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Taking Back Sunday – A Decade Under The Influence, The Receiving End of Sirens – Smoke and Mirrors, Stay Small