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Greek Council The Minutes 11/1/11 Fat Penguin o Everyone had a great Halloweekend o Dave got hit on at the

e bar Greek Life Avg. GPA 3.22, Suffolk Student Body Avg. GPA 3.04 o Greeks are smarter than the rest of the school The secretary to be elected next meeting o Opportunity for Sigma Gamma Rho to possibly have secretary position All Greek council named publications must be approved by GC prior to posting and must be voted on. All social events need to go through the Social Chairperson and planned in coordination with them Everyone in GC must be present at Greek Life events We are decorating the Greek Life display case in Donahue o Ideas for the layoutfamous Greeks, letters, upcoming events, $100 budget for supplies o Select one person from each group. Have person for next meeting o SAEKevin, TPASarah Greek Formal o Could not get Law School approval,so we are pushing it back to next semester o Last week of Greek Week, King and Queen will be elected Speeddating cancelled Jeopardy will be next Thursday 9th floor 73 o Serenading of Sorority by SAE pledges o FoodPrimos Mozzarella sticks, chicken, beverages o Kevin and Joe do the price quote, Sarah will call in order Yankee Swapeveryone by a funny gift and wrap it o December 7th 8:30 Donahue Caf, Robbie will book it New Business o Possible Ice Skating Fundraiser. All of Suffolk invited, charge for admission o Raffles, games, maybe hockey game etc. o Matt will call North End Rink for info.