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ChoraI Speaking Script

We are the Year 6 students
Hello~ Hello~ Hello~ Hello!
We are the year 6 students!
We are the giants! Your seniors! We are the mighty, awesome, brilliant, cool year 6
students! Your seniors!
We want to tell you something, before we go!
Wait! We are going somewhere?
To where?
To high school!
High school?
We are going to high school!
So please listen to us. Sit back and relax.

So many things happened this year!
What was the major event?!
What, you ask? What?
Ìt was the scariest thing.
The most tiring!
What was it?
Ìt was the U.P.S.R.!!
Uhh. *shivers*
But we did well, didn't we?
Yes! We did well!
We had studied smart! And hard!
And it's all thanks to our teachers and parents!
Puan Nuraini! Puan Siti! Encik Hamal! Puan Masripah! Encik Suhood! Encik Faisol!
Encik Hassim! Puan Hanita! Encik Fozi! Puan Julaika!
Mom and dad!
Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!
Ìt's all thanks to you! Thank you!

But, Puan Nuraini and Encik Faisol.
We will miss them.
'Jauh di mata, dekat di hati'!
Forever and ever! We will remember!

To all our juniors!
You~~ You~~~ Yes! All of you!
Look at us, year 6 students!
We did well!
Ìf you want to be like us, you better shape up now!
Listen to the teachers!
Do your homework and behave!
Ìf you study hard and smart,
you'll do well like us!
Good luck!

S! K! K! J!
We love you!
We will miss you!
We will make you proud!
Thank you!

Ms Syaza

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