bolonce of noture (keseimbangon olam) The stoble condition of noture.

bork (bungi oniing mengolok) The loud sound mode bg o dog. lsee olso sund on poge 88l' bor mognel (mognet bor) A mognet in lhe shoPe of o bor.
lsee also mognet on Poge 521

boll beoring (olos bebolo) A smoll ond hord metol boll used

in o mochine to moke it


bose oreo (luas topak) The oreo of lhe lowest Port or lhe supporting port of something.

Boll beorings

Bose oreo
The bose areo of o box

bolsom /bowl-sem t (keembung) A smoll plonl with fruits thot bursl open when riPe. /See olso figure ol
the lop of poge

bosic needs (keperluan osos/ Minimum requirements needed bg oll living things lo live.


./ \


Food, wofer, oir ond shelter ore bosic needs of human beings.