bothe /bogth/ (mondi) bodg with woter.

To wosh ond cleon the whole

beot (pukul)

To hit something mong limes,
usuollg verg hord

botterg (bateri) A device thot stores ond supplies electricitg. (See olso drg cell on'page

blfterU holder (pemegong bateri) The slot for inserfing Uotteries in cerloin devices such os on otorm clock or rodio.


bog beats the kompong.

Botterg holder

bedbug (p!jot-p!jot) A smoll smellg insect thot feeds on humon blood.

beok (paruh) The port of o bird's mouth which is hord ond pointed.
(See olso figure on page 4)

beoker (bikor) A contoiner used for contoining liquids in the loborotorg. {see olso figure under filter on page 33) of light (alur cahago) A rog or line of light.

Bedbugs on a humon,s skin

bee (leboh) A flging insect thot con sting. A r bee con moke
{See qlso figure on poge 5)


behoviour /bi-ho g_v aa(r) / (pe rl o k u o n ) The wog o living thing octs. bend (membengkokkon)

Beoms of light from the sun

stroighl into o curve.

To moke something thot


(See olso figure at the top of

page gt)


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