boiling (pendidihon) The process of chonging o liquid into o gos through heoling.

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breok o circuit (memutuskon litor) To cut off o circuit line or lo turn off o switch. breokfost (soropon) The meol token in the morning or the first meol of the dou.

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bottling (pembotolon) A process of sloring food or drink in bottles to preserve lhem.

breclh /breIh/ (nofas) The oir thot we let lhrough our moulh or nose when we breothe.
brecthe /breeth / (bernofas) To toke in oir into the. lungs ond send it out ogoin.
tsee c/so inhale on poge 45, eiltole


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bottom (dosor) The lowest port of somelhirg"
bronch (dohon) A port of o plont thot grows fiom lhe slem. (See also figure ot the top
of poge 611



+ Inhole + Exhole

breod (roti)

A food lhot is mode from flour
mixed wilh woter ond boked in on oven. breod mould /bred mohld/ (kulof/kulapuk roti) Fungi thot grow on breod. Theg



breed (membiak boko) To keep onimols or plonts in order lo produce offspring. The best porents ore usuollg selected for breeding. bright (terang) Not dork ond is full of light.
lsee olso dork on poge 231

mou be seen os while, green, block or greu furrg potches on
rotten breod.

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