coterpillor (bel uncos) The goung of o butterflg or moth. It hos o long soft bodg ond feeds on leoves.

lsee olso figure under bufiefig on poge l3l couse (mengokibotkan) To moke something hoppen. For exomple, drugs con couse delogs in o person's reoction. coution /kow-shen t (omoron) A worning obout o possible

chorcool (orong kogu)

A block substonce mode bg
burning wood slowlg in on oven with little oir. Chorcool is usuollg used os o fuel or o tool for drowing.



tsee olso figure on poge ?5

Chorcool is used in the cooking of sotog.

centipede /sen-ti-pee dt (li pan) A smoll living lhing with o long thin bodg ond mong legs.

chemicol /kem-i-kel t (bohon kimia) A substonce thot con reoct with other substonces. chemicol energg (tenoga kimio) The energg stored in food, fuels or chemicols.
lSee olso energg on poge 291

chemicol woste /siso kimia)

Unwonled chemicols usuollg
A centipde

dischorged from o foctorg.

chomeleoh /ke-mee-li-en/ (sr-sum Wh) A tgpe of lizord lhot con chonge its colourto motch its sunoundings.
tsee olso figure under comoufloge on

chew (mengungoh)

To cut food in the mouth into
smoller pieces using teeth. chick (anok ogam) The goung of o chicken or bird. chicken (ogam) A bird thot is reored for its eggs ond meot. (See alsofigure underbird
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chorocteristic /kor-ekJa-ris{ik/ (sifatl A feoture or: quolitg of o person or on object. For exomple, long, thin, no legs ore some of the chorocteristics of o snoke.


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