chickenpox (cocor oir


clow (cokar)

A diseose coused bg o

common in children, Producing
mild fever ond smoll itchg blislers on the skin.
circle /ser-kel/ (buloton) A round shope. (See o/so shorr- on Poge

One of the shorp ond curved noils thot onimols or birds hove on theit feet. 5ee olso figure on poge 4l


circuil diogrom /ser-kit dig-e-grom/ (rqjoh litor) A diogrom thot rePresents on electric circuit. Components such bulbs, connecting wires" swilches ond botteries ore drount os sgmbols in o circuit diogrom.

clog soil (tanah liot) A tgpe of soil mode uP of verl smoll porticles. It is verg stickl when wet ond woter connot flou through ii eosilg. tsee olso soil or
poge 86l


doth (koin) Moleriol used to moke clothes. dorld (wtanl



or greu woter voPou ffooting in the skg. It is former

Connecting wires

when woter vopour in the oi cools ond condenses into tint

droplets of woter. tSee dso frgure at the toP of Poge l0z


A circurt diogrom
cira;mferenC€ /ser-kum-fer-ens t (lilifo n) The distonce oround o circle or ong other curved shope. A

cool (orong botu) A hord block rock formed in th ground over millions of georl widelg used os o fuel.

The circumference of o boll is the line from A lhot goes round the ball ond ends ot A.
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A prece of coal

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