diometer (go ri s Pusot/diometer) Size of o circle thot is meosured bU o stroight line from one Point of the circle Possing

through the centre to o Point on lhe other side of the circle.

dim (malop) Hoving little light, not brighl.

dinner (mokon molam)

The meol thot we eot in the

dip (celup) To put something into woler ond toke it out ogoin quicklg.

o cirde is lhe didorce from poinl A to Point B Pxing lhrugh
The diometer of

centre C.

direclion /da_rek_sh ant (arah) The line olong which somebodg or something moves, Points or foces.

dioper /dis-a-pe{rlt (lamPinl A soft clolh or Poper wroP@ oround o bobg's bottom to hold the bobg's woste. diel rdis-ett (gizi) The food thot we eot ond drink regulorlg.
difference /dif-rens/ (perbezaan) The unlikeness (whol is not lhe some) belween two things. different

disoppeor (hilong) To become not visible or not seen onumore.

dbosier /di-zoh-sta (rl / (bencono) A noturol or mon-mode evenl thol bodlg offects the life of
living things. For exomPle, on eorlhquoke or o nucleor explosion.

erl oi n a n/ b e rb ezol

Not the some. For


diseose / di-zez/ (Pengokit) Sickness or illness.

different shoPes of seo shells.

dispersol of seeds or fruils (pncoron b'1ii benih olou buoh) Scottering of seeds or fruits over o wide oreo bg wind, woler, onimols or through on exPlosive mechonism. (See also figure at the
top of poge

Differenl shoPes of seo shells




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