eor (telingo) The port of the heod thol is used to heor. tgee olso bdg on poge lll Eorth /erth/ (Bumi)

eclipse /i-klips/ (gerhona) An evenl thot hoppens when the Sun, Eorth ond Moon ore in o stroight line.
eclipse of lhe itoon {gerhona bulon) An eclipse thot occurs when the Eorth is between the Sun ond the Moon in o stroight line. The Moon moves into the Eorth's shodow. No sunlight is reflected off the surfoce of the Moon. Thereforg we connot see the Moon in the night skg for o short momefil.

The plonet thot we live on. It is the third plonel from the Sun in lhe Solor Sgstem.

eost ltimur) The direction of the rising sun. lsee also figure under rotqte on Wge


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