Voious forms of energg

erosion /i+oh-zhant (hakison)

exhole /eks-hogll (menghembuxt
nafas) To breothe out oir from the lunE (See o/so breothe on poge l2l

The groduol weoring down or woshing owou of lond or soil.
evcporotion /i-vop-a-ro g-sha n/ (pengejoton) The chonging of o liquid to o gos ol temperoture below the boiling point of the liquid. It is o verg slow process ond occurs on the surfoce of the liquid.

expond (mengembang) To become lorger in size.


excrelion lik-skree-sh anl (pekumuhan)

The process of removing woste products from the bodg. During
excretion, humon beings produce urine, sweot qnd woter vopour.

When heated, a metal boll expands n connot go through o metal ring.

exponsio n (pen ge mb o n go n) The process of becoming lorg in size.

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