foeces /fee-seez/ (nqjis/tiqja) Solid wosle dischorged from the bodg.

feel, fool sing. (koki) The end of the leg, on which o person stonds. 6ee olso bodg on
poge lh

fonn (lodong) A ploce where we reor onimols
such os chickens or ducks for their eggs or meot.
(See o/so figure on poge 671

tern (poku pokis)

A green plont thot reproduces
through spores. lsee olso figure
bottom of pagel

feslher (bulu pelepoh) Soft struclures covering o bird's bodg. rsee olso figure on poge 4l


(meraso) To sense something through the skin bg fouching. lSee olso senses on poge 8ll

fertiliser lfspra-! !- zalrl / b ajo) Noturol or ortificiol chemicols odded to soil to support plont growth.

Tree fern

Bird's nest fern
Different lgpes of fern