fixed/constont vorioble (pemboleh uboh gang dimalarkan


The condilion lhot

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flosh flood (bor[ir kilat) Quick flooding coused bg roin.

flome of the forest (Pakok semorok

tlol (rumoh pangso) A set of rooms on one floor of building for people to live in.

An umbrello-shoPed lree usuollg found olong roods or in forests. The tree is often covered with bright red flowers.
lsee olso figure at lhe fop of poge 251

flommoble /flom-e -belt (mudoh terbokar) Cotches fire eosilg when close to fire, for exomple Petrol.
lsee olso figure on Poge 95l'

A few blocks of flots

floot (terapung) To stog en the surfoce of o


Emptg bottle



Emptg bottle,lwig ond leof ore obiects thot floaf on woter whereos stone, coin scrssors ore objecls thot sink in wofer.

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