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Short Story CW

Short Story CW

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Published by Morgan Malone

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Published by: Morgan Malone on Nov 02, 2011
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Morgan Malone Her first time opening her eyes was the hardest thing she had ever

done in her life. Each lid was an iron barbell, resisting her pull like a chord holding a boat to its dock. Her fingers tingled as if thousands of butterflies were taking flight from her palms. The air stung her mouth and tasted sour and dry. Her first sight was as a familiar face as her own. Yet, weathered and sad, this woman looked like a dream. When their eyes met, a rush of joyous shock came over the face of the woman. She ran to the bedside like a child runs to greet his father when he returns home from work. “Kellan! Kellan, baby, can you hear me? Can you move? Oh my God, you’re awake!” Kellan heard the words and took them in like a drag from a smooth cigarette. Her world was moving so slowly. Her body felt as if someone was behind her, trying to pull her back. She bit her bottom lip slowly, feeling her teeth against it as if she never had before. Her tongue wiggled against her gums. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and closed it again. She could feel. She could move. She spoke. “M-m-mom. W-wha-what what is. W-where am am I?” The words oozed out of her mouth like vomit. They burned her throat. “You’re awake, honey. Thank Jesus. You’re awake.” A flurry of nurses surrounded her. They checked her pulse and blood pressure, and ran other tests. They asked her questions. “How do you feel?” “Can you move this?” “Do you remember?” That question hit her. Kellan Flynn remembered everything. Kellan remembered the accident. She remembered being in the car with Nick on the way home from a show. It was Valentine’s Day and he had taken her to see Les Mis downtown. She had saved all her money that month to buy a dress that made her feel

I was a lifeless body.” Well of course. The last thing she remembered was looking at Nick. special. She realized at that moment that she was 20 years old. how he had blatantly run a red light and hit the rear end of the driver’s side of Nick’s ’01 Honda Civic. They sat together at lunch.pretty. Nick was 22 now. “Honey. She remembered spinning. She needed him. When they met. I have no idea where he is. where’s Nick?” She asked. For two years. she was 14 and he was 16. carving deep valleys in her face. Kathy nodded and handed her the phone on the table. She thought of him with every breath she took. “Who?” “Nick! Nick Mabry! My boyfriend!” A sullen look swept across Kathy Flynn’s face. Kellan and Nick were almost synonymous. Kellan hadn’t even gotten to finish high school. He told her that she was beautiful. I haven’t heard from him in years. He must miss her terribly. He was finishing college. It had been almost four years. Her eyebrows furrowed. “I want to make some phone calls. Nick was Kellan’s first love. Kellan thought it’s stupid of me to think he’d come visit me here. She remembered the other driver. terrified and vulnerable. wanted.” she said to her mother. I just need to tell him that I’m better now. Nick! She remembered. He was waiting until I woke up. He worshipped the ground she walked on and she melted with each glance he took at her. and soon they were inseparable. She was awake. . “Mom. Her mom pressed her lips together into a flat line.

“Creeech.” She smiled. It’s the last thing I can remember. Can you come here?” “Wow. The pause in conversation lasted just long enough that it made her uncomfortable. I’m awake. It made her feel warm inside. It has been what? Four years since the accident? Man.” “Daniel Cassidy. weeks maybe. Each name brought a memory back from the ocean of dead information lost in her mind. Kellan Flynn.” Kellan began to look through her contacts.” Silence. Nick.” He spoke her name like it was nothing but a mere memory. The maturity in his voice startled her. “Well. Nick. rich and smooth. but the doctor said I’ll be on my feet in a few months. All of my tests were clear. “Kellan? Kellan Flynn?” “Yes. Neither had his. Why did he not know? Her number hadn’t changed. she found Nick’s number in her phone.“We couldn’t bare to cancel your cell plan. that’s great. but she liked it.” “Wow. to me it seems like yesterday. “It’s Kellan. I can’t walk yet. “How are you doing?” “I’m doing fine. I need to see you. He had an uncanny ability to make Kellan laugh even in her worst slumps and moods. it seems like so long ago. It was our thread of hope that you would wake up.” “Lewis Norton. .” “Who is this?” This question puzzled her. “Hello?” his voice was like chocolate.” She giggled. Finally. “Nick. Lewis was her best friend.

” Dial tone. and seconds later. “Mom. Kellan told her to send them in. Allie. Last she remembered. But what surprised Kellan the most was not Nick’s appearance. “No. “Kellan. She said nothing. but the girl that he had with him. sleeping beauty! Look who decided to wake her lazy butt up!” His smile made her heart sing with joy.” She interrupted. stop. Kellan had always remembered nick with long shaggy brown hair. he had it cut short. I love you. He was dressed in khakis and a light blue polo button up. Nick says that you were just lovely. I want you to meet my fiancé. Now. “It’s nice to meet you.” “Okay.please come see me. I need to do my hair.” “Alright. “Well hey there.” . “Just go. see you in a few. he has a fiancé. Now. And do I have to wear this gown?” Kellan’s mom smiled and got up from her chair to help her daughter get ready.” “Alright. Kellan. I’ve heard all about you. I need you here with me. Which hospital are you staying in again?” “Methodist. Fiancé.” “Okay. All she could do was grin. they walked through the door. there was a knock at the door. After hours of primping. And put makeup on. it was Valentine’s Day and he was wrapped around her finger.” Kellan’s heart dropped deep down to the pit of her stomach. bye. He told me…” Kellan grew angry. She couldn’t believe it. The nurse stuck her head in and informed them that they had visitors. I can be there in a few hours. Her insides boiled with hurt and frustration. He always jerked his head to the side to keep it out of his eyes.

He immediately jumped with shock. He had blond hair that hung just above his eyebrows.” she said. red face. He just moved on. confused. 5:30pm. and her life was an empty hole. He slowly got to his feet and managed to stumble across the room to her bedside. Kellan couldn’t control her sadness. then fell to his knees. She jumped. “Are you okay?” “Oh.” Kellan’s mom ushered the couple to the door. She was 20 years old. yeah… Nick is engaged to some girl named Allie. you’re awake! Do you know who I am? Do you remember?” A smile pushed its way through her wet. “Lewis Norton. everything she held dear had been torn away. He grabbed his head with both hands. “Lewis came to the hospital every Wednesday at 5:30. “Just leave. and I forgot to call and warn him. For four years.” Kellan’s chestnut eyes met Lewis’s. “Oh no! He’ll be here any second. The tears began to flow from her eyes like a dripping faucet steadily being turned on. as if he could squeeze all of the surprise out. just as the door swung open. I don’t want you here. A tall young man walked in the door dressed in jeans and a green t-shirt. I’m fine. She knew that Kellan was feeling rejected and unwanted. “Kellan. and his eyes were the lightest shade of green. I don’t want her here.. Kathy consoled her daughter as best she could. he never missed a week. In the blink of an eye.“What? We just got here!” Nick said. She looked at her phone. .” “Kellan. How could I forget?” he brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.” Kathy smiled at her daughter.

“Yes?” “Thank you. . Stories about his life.” “Lewis. It seems silly. I don’t know. He pulled his phone out and showed her this new website called Twitter. work. Kellan wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by her side. High school graduation.” “You’re welcome. They watched TV together.” Kellan was grinning ear to ear. He stayed there for hours.“I just felt like you needed me here. college. I knew you’d wake up. and I wanted you to have someone.” He sat down in a chair by her bed and began to tell her stories.

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