hook (cangkuk) A piece of curved metol or plostic used for honging something on.

Some seeds for exomple, hove hook-like struclures on them.

hump (bonggol) A lump on o comel's bock.

hom (tanduk) A hord ond pointed object on the heod of some onimols such os goots ond cows. (See also figure on
page 4l

A comel

horseshoe mognet (magnet lodom kudo)


mognet in the shope of o horseshoe. (See o/so magnet on

husk (sobut) The drg outer covering of certoin seeds. Husks ore usuollg veru tough to protect the seeds inside. (See o/so figure ot the top of poge 2Sl
hgdroeleclric power /h g -d ro h - - lek-l ri k pow-a(r)/ (kuoso hidroelektrik) Power generoted bU fost-moving wqter.


hol (panos) Hoving o high temperoture.



' f''\

In a hgdroelectic power station,
The weather is verg hot.

house (rumoh)

fast-moving woter rs used to generate eledricitg.

A building for people or onimols to live in.
humon being (monusio) A person, either o mon, o womon or o child.

hgpothesis /hig-poth-i-sis/ (hi potesis) A stotement describing how the responding vorioble is offected bg the monipuloted vorioble in on experiment. It is mode lo exploin o certoin hoppening.