Course Rationale

This course is designed for adults who wish to improve their communication skills in English in order to adapt in USA. It teaches the basic communication skills needed to communicate with people in daily life situations. The course seeks to enable participants to express personal and general ideas in a variety of communicating settings. It also helps them to interact in social settings; to enhance their cultural awareness; to deal with past, present, and future events; and to write formal and informal letters. In other words, this course tries to enable the participants to become more familiar with English language use.

Entry and exit level:
This course will start at the elementary level and the learners are expected to reach the intermediate level.



The learners' entry level is determined by \ in accordance with the results of the proficiency test. (Appendix 3)

Course content:
This course centers on content- and task-based syllabus. It includes content and tasks. An example of content is a reading passage titled "Living in the USA". An example of tasks is matching some social expressions with their responses. Sequencing: The course content is sequenced from simple to complex .content presented earlier is simpler than later items.

Scope and sequence:
This course consists of ten units. The fifth and the tenth units are revision units. Each unit consists of five lessons .The fifth lesson is a revision one.

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