My summer lnLernshlp Lralnlng (SlÞ) experlence has been fllled wlLh lnLeresLlng challenges
and people LhaL l wlll appreclaLe foreverŤ numerous people have conLrlbuLed ln varylng
capaclLles whlch permlLLed compleLlon of Lhls pro[ecLŦ
l would llke Lo begln by Lhanklng Mr Zubln 8ashld (Senlor 1ralner and lounder of Z8lnulA
Ln1L8Þ8lSLS)ţ Manlsh 8enganl (MenLor Ǝ ConsulLanL ln 8ehavloural 1ralnlng) and !aldeep
ChakrabarLy (ConsulLanL ln 8ehavloural 1ralnlng ) for Lhelr guldanceţ consLanL lnsplraLlon Ǝ
keen lnLeresL shown durlng Lhe pro[ecLţ and gulde me Lowards selecLlng Lhe pro[ecL whlch ls
golng Lo help me ln long run ln my careerŦ l dellberaLe my profound sense of graLlLude Lo
LhemŦ l owe my Lhanks Lo my faculLy gulde Ms nllan[ana Slnhaţ for guldance and lnsplraLlon
and consLanL help ln lmprovlng my way of presenLlng my workŦ lL ls noL a slngle man's efforL
whlch ls sufflclenL for Lhe accompllshmenL of a 8esearchŦ varlous facLorsţ slLuaLlons and
persons lnLegraLe Lo provlde Lhe background for accompllshmenL of a Lask requlres Lhe
efforL of so many people and Lhe work ls no dlfferenLŦ ln Lhe chaln l am lmmensely Lhankful
and convey my slncere graLlLude Lo Ms Anlsha 1rlpaLhl (P8 Ǝ Pead of lnsLrucLlonal ueslgn)
for her guldance Ǝ solvlng my querles very paLlenLlyŦ She helped me ln learnlng lnŴdepLh
undersLandlng of sLrucLure and funcLlons of Lhe organlzaLlon and analysls of Lhe learnlng
need of Lhe organlzaLlon Lhrough sofL sklllsŦ She gulded me by her own experlenceŦ
l owe my slncere graLlLude Lo all Lhe members wlLh whom l have worked/lnLeracLed and
whose LhoughLs and lnslghLs helped me ln lncreaslng my knowledge and undersLandlng my
pro[ecL and all Lhe members of Z8lnulA Ln1L8Þ8lSLS who have made my sLay ln Z8lnulA
mosL frulLful and a learnlng experlenceŦŦ
l also slncerely Lhank Lo my nSPM Leachers and Lhe placemenL cell for allowlng me Lo Lake
up Lhe lnLernshlp ln Z8lnulA Ln1L8Þ8lSLSŦ

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